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Posted on September 14, 2016 by West Corporation 

FCC’s TCPA Ruling Will Help Utilities Provide Improved CX

Despite the lowest monthly bills in 10 years, J.D. Power shows that the utility industry remains near the back of the pack in customer satisfaction when compared to industries like retail banking or auto insurance.[i] In a retail-driven customer experience (CX) landscape where even mailing complimentary flowers to customers isn’t unheard of, it’s not hard to see where some utility CX struggles stem from. Read More >

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Posted on September 8, 2016 by West Corporation 

Nothing Spurs Fitness Programs Like a Little Healthy Competition: Part 1

By Fonda Narke

For most of us, exercise is a daily slog – that’s why there’s Jazzercise, Zumba, spin classes, and the like. They’re the exercise equivalent of putting a packet of flavoring in your water to convince yourself to drink more; a way to make exercise more palatable.

And still, solitude and boredom are two of the biggest barriers to getting the proper amount of exercise. A class full of people can still feel impersonal, and doing the same thing over and over for weeks on end can get dull. Sure, if you’re running or weight lifting and you achieve a goal there’s a momentary high, but then it tends to become routine again. Read More >

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Streamline your contact center for a better customer experience

In today’s on-demand world, customers expect a lot. Modern technology promises them convenience at every turn, and they’re looking for the same from your contact center. To sum it up, they want every interaction to feel smooth, quick and easy. In order to keep up, your contact center agents need access to the right information at the right moment. That means you need a solution that can create visibility and connect all parts of the conversation while supporting convenient opportunities for self-service. That’s where Cloud Contact Center and West’s expertise come in.

We started out as a contact center, so we get what you’re up against, and today we specialize in helping businesses improve their entire customer ecosystem. Our big-picture guidance and our enhanced cloud solution can help you meet customer expectations while protecting your bottom line. And with the managed-services option, you can leave the management to us, so you can focus on your core business. Our solutions can help your company by: Read More >

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Posted on August 25, 2016 by West Corporation 

4 Customer Service Lessons Starbucks Can Teach Retail Pharmacies

By Mike Snyder, Director, Interactive Services, West Corporation

Let’s face it, the healthcare industry is far behind other industries when it comes to customer service best practices. Other industries, even traditionally regulated ones such as telecommunications and aviation, have long since reoriented their operations with a core focus on the needs of the customer. More recently, retail businesses have focused intently on creating customized interactions via live calls, self-service contact center connections, and interactive mobile apps and web portals.

The good news for retail pharmacies is that among healthcare organizations, they are best positioned to take on this transformation. Their roots are in retail, giving them a leg up on customer experience and lifecycle, versus healthcare providers who have only recently begun to take metrics like patient experience ratings into account. Retail pharmacies now have a window of opportunity – when consumers with more skin in the game financially are seeking a go-to healthcare hub to deliver the same experience provided by the commercial world.

The caveat, however, is that even as retail pharmacies continue their march into more core provider services, such as case management for chronic conditions, they must look outside of the healthcare industry for best practices approaches to engage and delight the modern healthcare consumer. Read More >

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Posted on August 24, 2016 by West Corporation 

Machine Learning: You Can Take it to the Bank

Greg Ablett, a senior vice president at West, explores the vast customer experience (CX) opportunities that machine learning is opening up in the competitive, security-centric world of banking in his guest blog post for ABA Bank Marketing:

“Machine learning has great potential to improve the CX at today’s banks by taking advantage of the data already at their disposal. When deployed correctly, this technology can predict and actively address customer questions and concerns before they arise. As a result, customers can dodge common annoyances like navigating unwieldy banking websites or complex phone support menus. Let’s look at interactive voice response (IVR) as an example…”

Click here to read Greg’s entire discussion.

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Posted on August 18, 2016 by West Corporation 

5 Strategies of Successful Retail Pharmacy Chains

By Robert J. Dudzinski, Pharm.D., Executive Vice President, West Corporation

Customers have long turned to their trusted pharmacist for advice about managing their medications and their health conditions. But as consumers take on more financial responsibility for their healthcare, they need to engage even more with their pharmacists. To that end, pharmacies have an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their status as a valued provider.
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Posted on August 16, 2016 by West Corporation 

Going for CX Gold

Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt make their respective talents seem simply effortless don’t they? The reality is that the world’s best honed their crafts through lifetimes of dedication. But they all started somewhere.

In every industry, the idea of overhauling any type of operational framework is a fleeting one, riddled with bouts of panic and quickly swept under the rug. This is especially true when it comes to brainstorming ways to deliver a better customer experience.

Luckily, providing customers with more fulfilling interactions doesn’t actually have to be a slash-and-burn process. It just involves more proactively chasing your vision. You have to begin by beginning. Read More >

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Posted on August 11, 2016 by West Corporation 

Automating Resident Communications? 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

By Sean McCarthy, User Experience Designer, West Healthcare

Long-term care providers are bracing for a myriad of challenges in the next five years, not the least of which will be the exodus of experienced workers. According to researchers at Georgetown University, the United States is facing an imminent nursing shortage, predicted to reach a deficit of 93,000 registered nurses (RNs) by 2020. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of nursing aides and orderlies is projected to grow 17 percent between now and 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

As the population ages, and millions of Americans seek long-term care, it is of paramount importance to automate routine tasks in order to free up staff to provide personalized assistance when most needed. One of the first places to look for efficiencies is the contact center. The contact center should be able to quickly and clearly answer simple questions, and route residents and family members to the right department when their questions are more complex.

The challenge is to deliver a high-tech and highly personal customer experience to a demographic that may be wary of change. Here are five pitfalls to avoid.
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Posted on August 5, 2016 by West Corporation 

Geographic Information Systems in the PSAP: Strategic Planning for Data Integrity

By Charles Van Hoose, Sr. GIS Analyst at West

The importance of mission critical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for call- and dispatch- mapping in the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) cannot be overemphasized. Accurate data combined with tactical mapping is critical for locating incidents, callers and devices, for dispatching appropriate resources, and for communicating situational awareness to first responders.

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Posted on August 4, 2016 by West Corporation 

Top 3 Resources for Retail Pharmacists

Retail Pharmacy: Upping the Engagement Game
Pharmacists have long been a trusted source for advice on medication, however, the role of the pharmacist has evolved. They are no longer simply dispensing drugs — they are becoming providers. With this evolution, comes a plethora of opportunities. Pharmacies can be the healthcare nexus for patients in an ecosystem that can feel impersonal and fragmented.
Check out our top 3 resources for retail pharmacists, and visit us at NACDS Total Store Expo to learn more about how West helps retail pharmacies up their engagement game.
Read More >

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