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911 Enable Launches PSAP Link Service

911 Enable Launches PSAP LinkIn the event of an emergency, health/insurance call centers and telematics providers need the ability to relay member calls and location information to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). However, this can be challenging given that members may be mobile and/or geographically dispersed, and the call center/telematics agents are located in a centralized, static location.

911 Enable has launched the PSAP Link service to address the E911 challenges facing health/insurance call centers and telematics providers in a simple and cost-effective manner. It seamlessly integrates with the contact management console to allow agents to quickly and accurately transfer 911 calls to the correct PSAP. PSAP Link ensures that members in distress are immediately connected to the PSAP dispatcher on the priority emergency line, reducing response time delays so members have the greatest possible chance of a positive outcome. Ultimately, the improved emergency response times facilitated by PSAP Link can help to save lives and reduce claim costs by getting critical assistance to members, faster.

To helpĀ health/insurance call centers and telematics providers learn more about PSAP Link, 911 Enable has released several resources:

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