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Targeting E911 Needs of Educational Organizations

911 Enable will present a session entitle, “E9-1-1 Needs of Educational Organizations” at the ACUTA 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition.ACUTA 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition

The session focuses on the safety of students, faculty, and staff, which is a top priority for educational organizations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ensure that in an emergency situation, the right people – like campus security personnel – are provided with the right information at the right time.

This is because the flexibility and mobility of IP phones makes it difficult to accurately determine the precise location of the emergency, as users can move around on the campus network without notifying administrators. Also, educational organizations need the right tools to provide their security personnel with the information they need, whether that means directly delivering the 911 call to campus security, allowing campus security to listen in to the 911 call, and/or sending emails and screen pops to the security desk and patrolling personnel.

911 Enable will present a session at the upcoming ACUTA 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition to review the key E911 challenges educational organizations using IP telephony face, and the E911 solution components that can help them address these challenges in an elegant and cost-effective manner.

The session will be delivered by 911 Enable Director Lev Deich, on April 30 at 3:45 in room 209. For more information on the show and how to register, visit


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