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Cool Tools for the PSAP at NENA 2016 – VIPER® Joins the Tiny House Movement

By Nicole Pianalto, Sr. Support Engineer, West, Safety Services

Have you noticed? A wave of downsizing is sweeping across the country in the form of the Tiny House. According to The Tiny Life website, the typical American home is around 2,600 square feet, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Smaller houses are easier to clean and maintain; they require less land and allow more time for experiences. I like the idea that our culture may be headed in a direction that indicates experiences are more important than things.

For me, the trick to a successful transition to tiny house living would be to get all the functionality of my 1500 square foot home into a much smaller space. My husband, the minimalist, is all over it and I’m in for far less dusting and mopping. I still need to consider my shoe collection, but I digress.

VIPER® has joined the movement! West is introducing Power Station at NENA. You get the full experience of VIPER and Power 911® in a much smaller footprint. You get all the redundancy, all the connectivity, all the features, and a much reduced backroom footprint. Stop by the West booth, #302, to see VIPER and Power Station.

Speaking of homes, I’m a complete HGTV junkie with some DIY Channel thrown in for variety. Lately, all the shows are using bright colors on walls that were once used only for accents. Green kitchen cabinets and dark purple family rooms seem to be the norm, replacing “Swiss Coffee” and “Serenity”.

Power 911® has joined that trend with our new, updated User Interface. We’ve brightened up the look, added configurability and new features. You’ll see Power 911 version 6.1 in our booth, too!

Artwork completes a room. I’m stretching a bit, but stay with me. PowerOps® is a lot more than artwork. It is a graphical display of your PSAP status, complete with configurable colors and graphs. PowerOps can be placed on a large display and hung on the wall or displayed on a monitor at the supervisor’s desk. It’s a cool tool for an instant view of what’s going on in your PSAP and just might add that “pop of color” you need. Yes, that was definitely a stretch, so please stop by and see the real thing in the West booth.

Nicole and her teammates, JP Mih and Jerry Pope, will demonstrate these products in the West booth at NENA 2016 in Indianapolis, June 13-16.

Nicole Pianalto is Sr. Support Engineer for Safety Services at West (formerly Intrado). She began her career in communications as a dispatcher after graduation from San Jose University. Throughout her more than 30-year tenure in Public Safety, she has served in communications positions from Dispatcher to Deputy Director in three different PSAPs. Nicole also held a position AT&T in their public safety division working in a sales support capacity for Customer Premise Equipment and 9-1-1 Network.

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