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E911 for ShoreTel ShoreGear and 3Com VCX

Many of today’s E911 solutions don’t meet the needs of today’s IP-based deployments – they are simply costly and complicated legacy technologies adapted for IP telephony. 911 Enable offers the market’s only IP-based E911 solution, and has just released two new solution overviews for ShoreGear and VCX to explain the E911 challenges faced by IP phone systems, and how our solution actually solves these problems:

  • Click here for the E911 Solution for ShoreTel ShoreGear
  • Click here for the E911 Solution for 3Com VCX

Stay tuned for upcoming ShoreTel and 3Com webinars, which will provide an in-depth look at E911 for these deployments and will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions. Or you can always email or call 911 Enable with questions or to learn more – or 1-877-862-2835.

Not using ShoreTel ShoreGear or 3Com VCX? 911 Enable also has solution overviews for Cisco UCM, Avaya CM, and Microsoft OCS.

2 thoughts on “E911 for ShoreTel ShoreGear and 3Com VCX

  1. AvatarPeter Buswell

    What about Shoregear 120 ? The ShoreGear-120 supports up to 120 IP phones or up to 24 analog ports – 8 universal telephone / trunk ports and 16 telephone ports. Anywayz thanks for those links.

    1. Avatar911enable

      911 Enable supports ShoreGear 120. The Emergency Gateway provides automatic IP phone tracking and also accommodates analog/digital endpoints. The Emergency Routing Service provides E911 connectivity to public safety answering points (PSAPs) across the US and Canada, in conjunction with the Emergency Gateway and on its own. Please contact a 911 Enable specialist to learn more about our products and solutions. Call 1-877-862-2835 or email Thanks for your question.


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