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Empower your Security Team When an Emergency Strikes

Your security team can play a vital role during an emergency situation; however, they need to be aware that there is an emergency in the enterprise, the nature of the situation, and its precise location. With West’s Desk Alert solution, you’ll empower your security team with tools that help them to be of assistance in ways that were previously impossible.

Let’s assume an employee in your enterprise is working in an office with the door closed and suddenly experiences severe chest pain. The employee calls 911 but is unable to speak. The nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) receives the emergency call and has the necessary location information to deploy first responders on scene but it will take a few minutes before they arrive.

What if the enterprise’s security desk was alerted to the 911 call and received a notification with the employee’s location and other pertinent details? The security team could initiate first aid and potentially save the employee’s life before public safety even arrives. West’s security notification solutions allow you to do just that!

West’s Desk Alert solution, which is complimentary to West’s Emergency Gateway (EGW), provides on-site security with critical information about 911 calls to help improve response times and outcomes. It empowers your security team, whose members often have training in handling various types of emergency situations, with the tools and information to coordinate an effective emergency response before first responders arrive.

Desk Alert’s intuitive interface provides the data points necessary for your security team to implement procedures for emergency and non-emergency situations. It issues notifications when an emergency or security call is made, providing the security desk with the 911 caller’s name, call back number, and location. Enterprises can also provision additional data to be provided with the Desk Alert notification, to help security better assess the situation; detailed floor plans, IP camera feeds, sensor data or additional information about the caller can all be accessed through the use of a URL link in the alert. Desk Alert can also advise the security team of any potential 911 misdials or tests.

Beyond the data provided by Desk Alert, many enterprises need additional contextual information in an emergency, to understand what the caller’s crisis may be and how public safety is planning its response. West’s three-way call monitoring feature allows enterprises to gain insight into the emergency as it unfolds.

With three-way call monitoring, security personnel are automatically bridged into the emergency call when 911 is dialed. Typically, they are placed on one-way mute, but can barge in to the call if needed; for example, if the caller cannot speak or if they need to provide more information to first responders, including the additional data provided to them in the Desk Alert screen pop.

In our example above, if the enterprise had implemented Desk Alert and three-way call monitoring, the situation could have played out like this: upon hearing that the 911 caller was silent, the security team could barge into the 911 call to advise the PSAP dispatcher that they were sending trained personnel to investigate. They could also advise that the sensor data (smoke, temperature, etc.) for the area appeared normal, and the most appropriate building entrance for first responders to access the caller quickly.

Together, Desk Alert and three-way call monitoring make it possible for you to use your enterprise’s security team to its full potential and maximize enterprise safety on site.

As with EGW, Desk Alert and three-way call monitoring can be integrated with various Unified Communications (UC) platforms and can be used to unify emergency alerting even in complex, multi-vendor environments. For information on Desk Alert, please download the Data Sheet.

We want to know! Tell us in the comments section below if your enterprise has a security team and if they ever had to intervene in an emergency situation.

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