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Posted on February 5, 2010 by West Corporation 



Exciting News in the Avaya Space!

In the span of less than a week, 911 Enable has made two exciting announcements regarding our E911 solutions for Avaya:

  • E911 solution certification with IP Office, to provide critical E911 support for small and medium businesses; and
  • Introduction of the E911 Softphone Locator (ESL) for Avaya IP Softphones

E911 Solution Certified with Avaya IP Office
E911 support for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is critically important, as they employ just over half of all private sector employees in the US (source: US Small and Medium Business Administration). Unfortunately, many IP-enabled SMBs don’t have adequate E911 support for their deployments, so their employees may not have access to 911 services in an emergency.

Avaya IP Office provides SMBs with access to advanced IP telephony features, and Avaya has certified 911 Enable’s Emergency Routing Service (ERS) with IP Office so SMBs can quickly and easily implement E911 services. The ERS provides SMBs with enterprise-class features like support for remote branches and teleworkers, and granular location provisioning. This certification means 911 Enable provides E911 solutions for all Avaya IP telephony platforms. Learn more here and here.

Introduction of the E911 Softphone Locator (ESL) for Avaya IP Softphones
More and more organizations are transitioning from traditional desk phones to softphones, to save money and provide their employees with greater mobility. For organizations using Avaya IP Softphones, determining the locations of these endpoints for 911 purposes was a challenge, and possibly even a barrier to implementation for those organizations in states with E911 legislation.

However, 911 Enable has now introduced the ESL for Avaya softphones to allow organizations to reap the benefits of softphones and still meet their E911 obligations. The ESL is software installed on PCs and laptops running Avaya IP Softphones, and is used to help 911 Enable’s Emergency Gateway (EGW) automatically discover and track softphone locations within an enterprise’s communications network. The great thing about the ESL is that it is completely transparent to the user, and does not require the user to manually enter and validate their location every time their softphone is activated. Click here to learn more about the ESL for Avaya IP Softphones.

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