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Focus on Security Desk Notification

When looking for an E911 solution, most organizations need a solution that notifies their security desk personnel as soon as 911 is dialed. Security personnel are an integral part of the emergency response team, because they are often trained in emergency response procedures, and are familiar with the organization’s own emergency response policies. But if security personnel only learn of the emergency when the external response team shows up, their potential benefit is diminished.

Security notification features form a critical part of 911 Enable’s solutions. We understand that security desk personnel can help improve emergency response times and outcomes, so we’ve built a number of different notification features into the Emergency Gateway (EGW) to meet the requirements of any organization.

Security Desk Call Monitoring
911 Enable’s EGW allows security personnel to monitor 911 calls sent to the local PSAP. The call is routed to both the PSAP and security desk using three-way call conference, with security personnel on one-way mute. Unique security desk routing rules may be configured per location.

Security Desk Call Delivery
The EGW is able to send 911 calls directly to on-site security personnel. This allows security personnel to properly assess the situation prior to connecting the caller to the local PSAP. Unique security desk routing rules may be configured per location, and location-based routing can be enabled for non-emergency calls to local security.

Email Crisis Alerts
The EGW delivers email alerts to designated distribution lists based on the caller’s location. Email alerts include the caller’s name, callback number, and location information, and can be directed to alpha-numeric pagers, smartphones, or SMS gateways.

Automatic Screen Pop
Desk Alert is an application installed on Windows-based security desk workstations. In the event of a 911 call, a screen pop instantaneously appears on the security desk monitor, notifying personnel of an emergency call in progress.

Desk Alert Pop Up Screen

Information provided by the pop-up screen includes the caller’s name, callback number, date and time of call, and location information. Desk Alert also includes a configurable URL link, which can point to a campus map, contact list for medical emergencies, etc. Click here for the Desk Alert data sheet.

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