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Posted on February 8, 2012 by West Corporation 



New Website and International Support!

911 Enable is pleased to announce the launch of an updated website! One of the new features of this refreshed website is a complete section dedicated to emergency calling support for International organisations.

The need to keep VoIP phone users safe affects organizations around the globe, so 911 Enable has responded by offering its Emergency Gateway (EGW) appliance worldwide. The EGW automatically discovers the precise locations of IP phones on the enterprise network, and includes a robust suite of security desk notification tools. When a user places an emergency call, the EGW can route the call to on-premises security personnel and send an alert that includes the caller’s exact location and callback number. Security personnel can then dispatch assistance to distressed callers in a timely manner. The caller-location information may also be used to select a routing trunk to deliver the call to public emergency services.

Organisations in the UK deploying the EGW can also use 911 Enable’s Emergency Routing Service (ERS) to deliver emergency calls and detailed caller-location information to the public emergency network’s Emergency Control Centre. This helps organisations ensure that their private telephone networks comply with regulatory guidelines, and that they fulfill their legal obligation to minimise health and safety risks.

To learn more about International emergency calling support, visit 911 Enable online here:

911 Enable will also host a webinar dedicated to this topic on March 15, 2012. You can register here.

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