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Posted on March 26, 2013 by West Corporation 



New White Paper: Improving Emergency Outcomes with Three-Way Call Monitoring

When someone calls 911 from your organization, do you know where they are — and just as critically, do you know why they need emergency assistance?

Three Way Call Monitoring911 Enable is pleased to announce the release of its newest white paper, Improving Emergency Outcomes with Three-way Call Monitoring.

Many E911 solutions today can notify internal security that a 911 call is in progress, providing the caller’s extension, location, and name, which can be useful information for security personnel to have. However, without knowing what the emergency is, security personnel do not know how to respond appropriately. This white paper outlines how Three-way Call Monitoring addresses this problem, bridging the information gap between knowing that someone in your organization has called 911 and where they are located, and knowing why they need help.

Don’t miss out, download the white paper now!

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