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Resources for Service Providers

VoIP service providers such as hosted IP-PBX providers, SIP trunking services, relay centers, and residential providers, face their own unique sets of E911 issues.

One of the key challenges service providers must address is the expectation of subscribers that E911 will work, and they (or their users) will be able to access emergency services in the same manner as if they were using the PSTN network. The second issue arises as a result of the first: because subscribers assume E911 service is functional and available, providers are subject to FCC and CRTC regulations that require them to provide E911 service as a standard component of their offering.

It can be difficult to understand the complexities of E911, as well as the solutions available. To help explain the issues faced by service providers, as well as how to implement a solution, 911 Enable has released a series of solution briefs specifically tailored for different service providers. The documents address in detail how service providers can meet their FCC/CRTC E911 obligations and their customers’ E911 requirements in a simple, cost-effective manner. You can learn more by downloading the appropriate solutions briefs below:

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