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The E9-1-1 Holiday Tribute

The holiday season is officially under way. If you are like me, you are probably in a frenzy trying to complete your projects before year end and your weekends and evenings are booked with activities, holiday shopping, office parties, and friend and family get-together.

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to use this time to say thanks to our wonderful staff, customers, suppliers and you, our loyal readers. The closing of the year also represents a good time to reflect, count our blessings and take stock for tomorrow.

2015 In Reflection

2015 has been a year of growth and joining forces for the people here at West Safety Services. We added new staff to meet the needs of our growing customer base, we are entering into the final phase of the West rebrand and we continue to widen the technology gap versus existing solutions on the market.

The exceptional work the team continues to produce, our continued efforts to perfect our workflows that guide our customers to successful outcomes and customer satisfaction at an all-time high has helped solidify our reputation for being the partner of choice. Ultimately we want to help our customers get the job done so they can focus on other aspects of their business that require more of their attention.

Everything we’ve achieved was due to our team’s dedication, professionalism and commitment to the company and to our customers.

In keeping with perfecting our workflows, this year we introduced our ERS native integration on Cisco’s Emergency Responder (CER). The results have exceeded expectations. We dramatically reduced the time and effort to deploy and manage E9-1-1 on the CER. In many cases, customers are live within days of contract signature, rather than months, which is the typical experience with legacy carrier solutions. Misroutes and calls delivered to fall-back call centers have been virtually eliminated, demonstrating that the solution is far more robust than anything else we see on the market today.

In June 2015, we proudly announced our certification with Skype for Business. As the leading solution provider, Microsoft invited us to present at their TechReady 20 Conference in Seattle to demo and educate leading UC professionals and Microsoft engineers on the E9-1-1 capabilities supported on the Skype for Business platform.

byod_UC_Wireless Webinar_Strategy_Firewall

We are very active in keeping up with industry trends, in particular the BYOD trend that is capturing today’s younger workforce.

With more workers installing UC soft-clients on their personal devices, enterprises have been looking for solutions that add E9-1-1 calling capabilities on these devices. We’ve addressed this need by adding several features to our solution set. These include wireless tracking, displaying user locations on maps, supporting users connected via edge servers such as the Cisco Expressway, and smarter location management for teleworkers.

Our Favorite Words for 2015: Situational Awareness

One of the most talked about subject with our clients this year has been situational awareness. Businesses are looking to better manage emergencies and improve collaboration between their employees and first responders.

We have witnessed high adoption rates for notification capabilities available in our Emergency Gateway, Desk Alert and Emergency Routing Service solutions. We hear amazing stories from our clients about how our unique features have made a difference, and in some cases actually saving lives.

Features such as notifying security personnel in real-time with the caller’s precise location and displaying floor maps, video feeds, emergency contacts, and health information have been valuable. This important function to bridge, monitor and barge into 911 calls at the security desk position is used by the vast majority of our enterprise customers.

There is still more to do in this space and we truly appreciate the insights we have received from customers this year. We look forward to working with both new and existing customers to develop and validate solutions that improve situational awareness and ultimately save lives.

image002Safety Services

As many of you have heard, 911 Enable will be re-branded to West and our 911 service solution offering will be bundled under West Safety Services. This joining of forces; as “one West” will be met with melancholy as I say good-bye to 911 Enable and excitement by the strength and synergies we have with West.

Hello 2016!


We’ll be back in 2016 with lots more content, product updates; educational webinars and we’ll also have some guest writers. I look forward to your comments and conversations on this blog.

As I end this post, I want to again congratulate the team for an amazing year. Everything we’ve achieved was due to their dedication, professionalism and commitment to the company and to our customers.

Have a safe and happy holidays and a wonderful, healthy New Year!


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