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The Spirit of 9-1-1, an unbreakable bond

It has been one heck of a month in public safety!  In the midst of National Telecommunicators Week, we witnessed hard-working professionals, put to the test. From the bombings in Boston to the fertilizer plant explosion and huge loss within a small town in Texas, mass devastation and loss of lives have been weighing heavily on our minds.  Sadly, we lost some of our own. Our hearts go out to those in the affected areas and to the departments who lost responders.

We are truly thankful for those FIRST first responders – call-takers and dispatchers who dealt with and continue to manage the incidents.

While major crises captured the attention of our nation, Telecommunicators across the country continued to work 24/7 to help save lives and property.  It takes a special team to work in this industry! Comm centers are marked by a sense of determined solidarity that extends far beyond words.  A special tie binds these people together. They are a network of caring individuals who have our backs! When Joe Public calls – they draw on a unique skill set that provides for the distraught while multitasking toward a response.

Advanced technologies and subsequent public expectations mean that Telecommunicators must remain flexible enough to accommodate new processes while maintaining a multitude of responsibilities. As an instructor, I shared insights from the Deaf community and explained TTY equipment for the Deaf. What most impressed me was how eager the students – teams of call-takers, dispatchers, public safety telecommunicators – were to learn new skills and acquire new tools that would help them save lives!

Their dedication to each other and that genuine desire to provide high quality service to ALL populations to help ALL citizens is what won my heart!

My journey through a 9-1-1 career began 23 years ago. Throughout that time, I’ve been privileged to work side by side with the people of 9-1-1!  I like to talk about it! Wherever I go, whenever I have the opportunity, I proudly say that I work with 9-1-1 professionals.  I tell them how amazing the people who sit-in-the-seats really are!  I tell them about their hard work; I tell them about their technical acumen; I tell them about a unique skill set that keeps them on the line while managing details behind the line!

My highest regard and respect belongs to you – the people of 9-1-1!

Thank you for what you do! Thank you for how you care! It is your spirit that binds us together – the spirit of 9-1-1!

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