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Posted on June 1, 2017 by West Corporation 



Using GIS Data to Improve Alarm Monitoring Center Operations

By: Mary Jo Lakhal, Sr. Program Manager

As I mentioned in a previous post, to optimize alarm monitoring center performance, you need AHJ contact data that is highly accurate and available in real time. Of these two attributes, I believe data accuracy is the more difficult to achieve.

I know from experience that even with a dedicated, full-time staff, creating and maintaining an agency contact database is challenging. Frequently, the consolidation of jurisdictions or adjustments to jurisdictional boundaries result in hours of work tracking which subscribers must be assigned to a new agency.

When I landed at West, I discovered that the product, Emergency Response Link (ERL), offered a new and unique approach to tackling this issue. The experts here had taken spatial data—multi-layered maps created from their extensive knowledge of public safety and GIS–and overlaid these against traditional tabular data. The result is a highly-reliable agency contact data source for the alarm industry.

I became even more convinced after seeing the data applied in the real world. When West recently conducted a data trial with a major alarm company, ERL significantly improved their existing data accuracy. In fact, ERL’s overall accuracy consistently exceeds 95% in testing and production. This is extremely difficult for most alarm companies to achieve on their own, particularly those that serve markets in more complex jurisdictional areas.

I’m always eager for alarm companies to test ERL’s data for themselves because improvements in data accuracy lead to improvements in alarm response and monitoring center operations. You can contact me through LinkedIn to set up a data trial and, if you want a closer look at Emergency Response Link, you can watch a demo here.

My colleagues and I will be speaking at ESX in 2 weeks at this session: Advanced Database Management for the Monitoring Center – Unlocking the Power of this Major Asset. Join us on June 15 at 8:00 a.m. when we’ll take your questions on this very important topic.

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