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Posted on June 8, 2017 by West Corporation 



West’s Emergency Gateway Now Offering Additional 9-1-1 Management Automation for ShoreTel Connect Onsite

West is pleased to announce that its Emergency Gateway (EGW) has achieved ShoreTel TechConnect certification with the latest release of ShoreTel Connect Onsite.

EGW is an on-site appliance that streamlines and optimizes 9-1-1 management, allowing enterprises to maintain accurate and up-to-date data for 9-1-1 purposes, with minimal manual intervention. Previously integrated with ShoreTel ShoreGear, this new certification includes expanded 9-1-1 management functionality for ShoreTel Connect. In addition to the previously supported Layer 2 phone location tracking methodology, EGW now supports:

  • Automatic discovery of ShoreTel IP phone locations on-site using Layer 3 and Wireless tracking methods.
  • Self-provisioning for off-site softphone users with EGW’s Remote Location Manager (RLM) module.

Expanded Automatic On-site Discovery Capabilities

The addition of Layer 3 and Wireless tracking support allows enterprises using ShoreTel to select the most appropriate phone tracking method for their unique deployment. It also enables enterprises to overlay various tracking methods to permit the simultaneous deployment of multiple location discovery methods for increased location accuracy.

Self-Provisioning for Off-site Users

ShoreTel Connect softphone users can now self-provision their address whenever they connect to the corporate voice network from an off-site location, using RLM. Designed to be minimally invasive, RLM is intelligent and remembers previous off-site network locations; this means that when a user connects to a previously provisioned off-site location, RLM automatically assigns that location to the user without requiring any additional intervention. No matter where the user is located, the enterprise is able to provide the critical 9-1-1 connectivity they require.

By choosing a 9-1-1 solution that is compliant with ShoreTel Connect, you’re helping your enterprise protect what matters most: your employees, your students and your customers.

For more information on West’s 9-1-1 solution for ShoreTel, please visit our ShoreTel Technology Partner page.

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