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Posted on April 15, 2015 by West Corporation 



You’re on First! Professionals Behind the Headset

Celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators week reminds us of the thousands of people who dedicate their lives to being there for those who are in need. Citizens naturally recognize the face of the first responder as their hero. Very rarely do they know that the professionals behind the headset are truly the FIRST, first responders – the 9-1-1 crisis response team!

This blog is dedicated to the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and grandparents who decided that their calling in life was to answer emergency calls and ensure that proper response is sent to panicked 9-1-1 callers.

Your days are never dull. And they’re never stress free. Whether you’re answering an irritated citizen calling about a blocked driveway or someone home alone at night with the sound of breaking glass in the background, YOU are the crisis response team. YOU are the reassuring voice, the calm hand, the swift multi-tasker who can juggle the pleas of a frantic caller while guiding responders en route to the scene. YOU are the 9-1-1 crisis response team.

You’re the individual that stays awake when you should be sleeping, wondering if questions asked just a bit differently would have changed a tragic outcome. You’re the one that reassures a scared home-alone child that help is on the way. You’re the one who can magically deliver a “snake man” to remove a pesky visitor. YOU are the 9-1-1 crisis response team.

You can call the child of an elderly parent to let them know “things are a little out of sorts”. You know when “frequent callers” aren’t calling and need to know why. You live on fast food and stress and always get by somehow. You’re there when others are leaving work to go home. YOU are the 9-1-1 crisis response team.

You are my hero! I know you will be there should an emergency cross my path. YOU are the 9-1-1 crisis response team.

For all the sleepless nights, for the stress you endure and for all of those missed meals, I say THANK YOU for choosing to help. Thank YOU for dedicating your life to be the 9-1-1 crisis response team!

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