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  • LNP Business Rules

    ​West Telecom Services LNP Business Policies

    Provisioning Department Hours of Operation
    Our support team is available to assist you via email Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm Central Standard Time excluding the following holidays and blackouts days:

    New Year’s Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    The day after Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day

    Port Out Request Types
    A simple porting request is defined as a single TN on a single account. The target interval for processing simple requests is within 8 business hours of receiving the request, with the port out to be completed in 2 business days.

    A non-simple or complex porting request is defined as any request involving more than one TN. The target interval for processing non-simple requests is within 3 business days of receiving the request, with the port out to be completed within 5 business days.

    A project porting request is defined as any request involving 50 or more TNs and multiple carriers. These migrations will be handled as a project with negotiated due date intervals.

    Requesting a Port Out
    To process a request for TN port out, the TN must be a valid West Telecom Services telephone number on the West Telecom Services network. West Telecom Services is only able to process port out requests against its inventory.

    To process your request, we require that the customer information submitted on the Local Service Request (LSR) match West Telecom Services records.

    Send LSRs to

    FOC dates are valid for 5 CALENDAR days including FOC date.

    West Telecom Services does not provide concurrence. The Carrier Provider is expected to build NPAC subscriptions in enough time for auto-concurrence.

    West Telecom Services does not port out inactive numbers. Only existing customers with active TNs may re-activate numbers.

    Cancellations/Supplemental Orders
    Requested changes to the approved FOC date must be submitted before 3:00pm CST one business day prior to the FOC date via email with the subject “Sup and PON number”.

    Same Day Supplemental or Cancel Requests
    If you are trying to sup or cancel an LSR on the day of the FOC or after FOC, you must send an email with your PON and LSR IS to

    *Please put “same day cancel” (or sup) in the subject line. We will respond within 4 business hours if received prior to 3:00pm CST. Any requests received after 3:00pm CST will be worked on a case-by-case basis.

    Please make sure accurate email addresses are provided in the LSR request for both the primary and secondary contact, if one is selected.

    Status Requests
    Status requests may be submitted to with the subject “DID Port Status”.

    West Telecom Services does not accept a snapback request due to real-time provisioning constraints. If customers wish to disallow a prior port request and return the telephone number to West Telecom Services, customers must accomplish this through West Telecom Services’ sales team.

    West Telecom Services will use its best efforts to work around this rule for first responders who are out of service, where possible. However, system limitations may prevent acceptance of snapbacks, even in these situations.

  • 499 Filer ID

    499 Filer ID

    How do I check if my company has a valid FCC Filer ID?
    Please visit the FCC website and search for the company.

    * By clicking the link below you are leaving the to the FCC website.

    FORM 499 Filer Database Link

  • Exemption Affirmation

    Exemption Affirmation


    Exemption certificate documents will be sent to Customer, as applicable.  Customer is required to complete those documents in their entirety and return to West.  In the event Customer fails to return the exemption certification documents, West will invoice Customer all applicable taxes, USF and surcharges.

    Please contact our tax consultation at to request your applicable tax exemption certifications.

    New customers and existing customers needing to update your billing address or primary place of use (PPU), please complete this form and submit it to

    Once the PPU  form is received, the specific certificates (blank forms) will be sent based on your primary place of use address.  You are not exempt from being billed taxes until the forms are returned and validated for completeness and accuracy.  If you do not indicate that are exempt on the PPU form, then of course no blank certificate forms will be sent, and you will be billed for all USF/surcharges/taxes.

    In addition, if no PPU is declared, the billing address will be assumed to be the PPU.   Customers who are changing their PPU location due to moving, etc.  should complete the form again and repeat this process.

  • West Telecom Services Network Operations Center

    Existing Customers please have your account number, Trunk Group or DIDs.

    International Clients:  469-528-4058
    Network Operations Center:  469-528-4058 or 866-905-1736
    Network SIP Support:  866-905-1735
    Test and Turn-up Support:  866-920-6946

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