Avoke Analytics

Avoke Analytics

The pursuit of an improved customer experience is never ending. Optimize your CX with Avoke Analytics, the only contact center solution to capture the complete customer journey from dial to hang-up.

Avoke helps businesses retain customers by providing immediate, actionable insight to create the best possible experience. By improving your automation and customer care processes, the result is a consistent, effortless CX delivering powerful advocacy for your brand.

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Most organizations are loaded with data about contact center locations, skill groups, IVRs, computer telephony integration and customer relationship systems. What the data lacks is insight into why people are calling, how the most important callers were handled, and the overall customer experience. Avoke lets you hear insights and context directly from customers to gain first-hand knowledge about your services, products and competitors.

Avoke captures the full engagement experience, including all automated, agent-supported internal and outsourced segments. With that data, it creates a visualization to map the journey and show opportunities for improvement across the interaction, whether with agents or automation. Leverage these insights to reduce call volume and lower costs per call by optimizing agent performance and getting more out of your IVR.

Track customers as they traverse the entire call (dial to hang-up), from before reaching your IVR all the way through call transfers, internal contact centers and partner sites. Use these metrics to measure cost effectiveness and CX quality at each point in the journey. Then use the data to discover new opportunities and achieve the greatest return on investment.

Achieve time-to-value faster with call recording beginning on day one without IT requirements and enjoy even more benefits down the road. West delivers unique industry projects for clients around the world, all supported from our CX practice. Whether your priority is reducing contact rate, improving first call resolution, reducing agent-to-agent transfers or increasing self-service, West delivers a quantified improvement roadmap based on a detailed analysis of your experience.

Built on a wealth of experience and patented technology, the Avoke platform simplifies complex problems. From capturing and analyzing data to implementing changes with real, effective outcomes, Avoke lets you engage and retain customers, drive profitability and be your best brand.

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Avoke Analytics Success Stories

10 – 15% reduced agent handling time

20 – 30% decrease in customer dissatisfiers

$1.9 Million annual cost savings identified

West Corporation