Effortless CX

Effortless CX

The pursuit of an improved customer experience is never ending. Ultimately, performance gains require superior data and the insights that come with rich expertise in customer experience optimization.

West’s Avoke Analytics, combined with our unique methodology, provides the insights to discover, quantify and deploy changes that drive the greatest improvements in automation, processes and CX. The result is a consistent, effortless customer experience delivering powerful advocacy for your brand.

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Experience Through the Customer’s Eyes

Typical recordings-based analytics systems capture experience data once the contact center agent connects with the caller. West’s Avoke Analytics is different. Avoke captures the customer’s complete experience throughout the entire engagement, from dial-in to hang-up.

This breadth of insight enables a single fact-based source of truth to transform how your organization delivers personalized experiences that support measurable business outcomes. You are now able to answer the following questions with confidence:

  • Was your customer successfully engaging with automation?
  • Was the customer’s question resolved on the first attempt?
  • Did they have to call back or engage with an alternative channel?
  • How many times was the customer transferred?
  • What was the sentiment of the customer during the experience?

Simple, Easy & Effective Solution for Complex Challenges

The combination of Avoke’s insights and West’s expertise in customer journey optimization enables you to activate opportunities supporting continuous improvements in CX. Our skilled industry professionals will deliver measurable, meaningful outcomes for your organization to solve four key problems for modern-day businesses:

  1. Retaining Customer Loyalty
  2. Controlling Costs
  3. Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience
  4. Optimizing for Growth

The specific solutions recommended are designed and prioritized based on your customers’ real-world experiences.

Most organizations are loaded with data about contact center locations, skill groups, IVRs, computer telephony integration and customer relationship systems. What the data lacks is insight into why people are calling, how the most important callers were handled, and the overall customer experience. The Avoke CX Browser™ system fills this gap with customer journey monitoring, visualization and metrics.

The Avoke CX Browser captures your client’s engagement experience, including all automated, agent-supported internal and outsourced segments. It extracts experience data and generates a visualization to map the journey while documenting quantifiable opportunities for improvement across points of customer interaction, whether with agents or automation.

The West methodology has two parts. First is a set of metrics developed to measure cost effectiveness and the quality of the customer experience at each point in their journey. Second is a process to mine the metrics and underlying call data to discover and quantify process improvement opportunities. Together, the approach prioritizes a roadmap to deliver the greatest return on investment.

West delivers unique industry projects for clients around the world, all supported from our CX practice. Whether your priority is reducing contact rate, improving first call resolution, reducing agent-to-agent transfers or increasing self-service, West delivers a quantified improvement roadmap based on a detailed analysis of your experience.

Built on a wealth of experience and patented technology, the Avoke platform simplifies complex problems. From capturing and analyzing data to implementing changes with real, effective outcomes, Avoke lets you engage and retain customers, drive profitability and be your best brand.

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