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Customer Experience Analytics: Definition, Examples and Benefits

Customer service is one of the most expensive and frustrating aspects for many business owners and operators. Despite your best efforts, customers still vent their frustrations on public forums, yet the source of their anger is not clear. Instead of making customer care improvements based on a customer’s impulsive Tweet or your gut feeling, there’s a better option: customer experience analytics.

This article is part of a series on the benefits and best practices of improving customer experience with analytics. Use the links at the bottom of the page to discover the other articles in the series.

Most business professionals track some form of analytics, but do you have data specifically geared toward improving customer experience? Customer experience has become the driving force in generating new revenue and customer loyalty, so we’ve compiled top examples and best practices to make customer experience analytics a driver of change in your business. As a bonus, check out our top recommended analytics solution near the bottom of this article.

What is customer experience analytics?

Customer experience analytics is the collection and assessment of customer data — like length of time in an IVR or frequency of purchases on your website — that enable businesses to better understand customers and make their buying or service experience more enjoyable.

Furthermore, customer experience analytics provide the only metrics that give you confidence to update and optimize existing customer service solutions. From your digital agents to proactive messaging to contact center conversations, every interaction affects the customer experience. And those communication channels, plus many others, gain the most benefit from customer experience analytics.

Examples of customer experience analytics

Business professionals have a multitude of analytics options to choose from. In no particular order, businesses find varying levels of success with:

  • Heatmaps, which identify how long visitors view each section of a webpage
  • Traffic numbers, showing which sites and pages are most popular
  • Open rates, measuring email and subject line appeal
  • Average call length, revealing how long it takes to solve customer problems
  • First-contact resolution, the ability to solve a problem during the customer’s first call, email or text exchange
  • Voice of the customer, capturing customers’ desires and complaints in their own words

Avoke CX Analytics Example GraphicMany other metrics exist, and while a place exists for them all, the most valuable metrics for most businesses are pulled from communication channels, like an IVR or contact center. Those direct customer service channels create the highest impact on customer experience. Plus, they can be expensive to maintain and upgrade, so it’s best to have actionable data in hand before investing in major upgrades or new service solutions.

For IVR, that may mean analyzing the most common customer requests and moving those up in the IVR menu.

For agent-assisted service in a contact center, that may include analyzing how many times a caller is transferred or how long the caller’s tone of voice changes throughout the call.

And for text messaging, you could analyze how often customers successfully use self-service to solve their problems and how often they are unnecessarily transferred to an agent.

But these are just a few examples, as the possible optimizations are truly endless.

Benefits of customer experience analytics

The pursuit of an improved customer experience is never ending, not just to benefit your customers but to boost your business, too.

Obviously, customer experience analytics benefit customer by making the customer care experience more enjoyable. But these same analytics can also leave a substantial impact on your bottom line.

Optimizing for customer experience improves all aspects of your communication solutions, which both raises customer loyalty and has tangible financial benefits across the board.


For example, one of the nation’s top banking brands used customer experience analytics to review how customers used its IVR. In one review, they found that 36 percent of people choosing the “Transaction Invitation” menu option were calling about check issues and fraud disputes.

So by moving that option up in the call flow, the IVR could validate caller intent sooner and with more accuracy, which improved self-service rates and cut down transfers. Overall, the bank saved $621,000 per year through saved banker time.

The bank made three more optimizations to their communication channels, too, which totaled $1.9 million in annual savings. Customer experience analytics can help you:

  • Improve self-service
  • Deliver solutions customers need
  • Rewrite customer care scripts
  • Focus on more complex customer requests
  • Discover what customers actually expect from your business

Optimizing for customer experience improves all aspects of your communication solutions, which both raises customer loyalty and has tangible financial benefits across the board.

One analytics solution to consider

You can manually gather some metrics of customer experience analytics, but for a truly top-to-bottom view of your customers’ entire journey, you’ll have to invest in a digital solution.

We recommend Avoke CX Analytics for businesses of all sizes. It’s really a one-of-its-kind solution that analyzes every stage of an interaction — even time a customer spends on hold.

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Avoke comes with lots of great benefits, including:

  • Ease of deployment without heavy IT support
  • Quantifiable outcomes
  • Customer journey and experience analytics
  • Additional expert professional services from the Avoke team

Check out the video above, and we highly recommend requesting a free demo using this link.

Being your best brand

Ultimately, it’s up to you to modify your communication channels as you see fit. But to make the most of those modifications, you need data to back up your decisions. True performance gains only come through true customer experience analysis. Not just call counts and basic stats.

Do your research and find a customer experience analytics solution that provides the most comprehensive and easily interpreted data for your business. With data-based optimizations, you can truly be your best brand.

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