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Intrado and UC Today News Discuss Meeting 911 MLTS Regulations

Intrado Life & Safety collaborated with UC Today to provide the Unified Communications (UC) community with an informative and educational video on meeting 911 Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) regulations in the United States. UC Today’s Rob Scott hosted Intrado’s Mary A. Boyd, VP of Regulatory Policy and External Affairs, and Lev Deich, VP of Delivery and Operations, during a 20-minute session to discuss:



911 MLTS Regulations

“She dialed 911 but it needed an access code […] and she couldn’t get help”, explains Mary as she recounts the tragic event that resulted in the passage of Kari’s Law Act of 2017 by U.S. Congress. Understanding Kari Hunt’s story puts into perspective just how important it is for businesses to apply the law’s requirements. People need direct access to 911, and organizations need to be notified that a 911 call has been made.

Mary continues on explaining the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) adopted rules for implementing Kari’s Law, as well as Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act, which requires organizations to provide a dispatchable location with a 911 call, and concludes with the rules’ effective dates.

What Enterprises Need to Do

Lev points out the three main capabilities that enterprises need to provide in order to comply with the regulations:

  • Confirm your dial plan allows you to call 911 without a prefix, suffix or trunk access code
  • Enable the notification capabilities on your UC or PBX platform
  • Ensure your user locations are precise

Optimizing the efforts while minimizing the risks is what enterprises should aim for, and where an E911 provider can help.

Who is Responsible for Managing E911?

Service management and programming plays an important role with E911. However, who is responsible for managing E911? Can an enterprise take on the challenge? Can it be outsourced? The answer depends on how an enterprise’s deployment is configured, which Lev explains during the session.

Check out the full video for more information on 911 MLTS regulations, examples of what can be done in the enterprise to implement the required capabilities, and how Intrado can help orchestrate an enterprise’s E911 strategy.

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