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Posted on June 13, 2017 by West Corporation 



Using your IoT Investment to Improve Your Enterprise’s Emergency Responses

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is one of today’s hot topics in tech. IoT will change how enterprises are built and operate internally. While the concept of having different types of devices interconnect and communicate wirelessly seem futuristic, many enterprises are already incorporating IoT sensor devices into their buildings’ infrastructures. As enterprises deepen their investment in IoT, though, many aren’t aware that they can also leverage it for 9-1-1 to improve emergency situation outcomes.

IoT sensor devices such as location beacons, sound detectors, and cameras, can provide an abundance of rich data. This data can be used to help improve internal situational awareness during an emergency and, potentially, the results. For example, if enterprise personnel are provided with heat sensor data when they are notified of an emergency, they can ascertain if there’s a fire and immediately coordinate efforts such as an evacuation and issuing security perimeters before first responders arrive on-site.

In addition, sensor devices can strengthen coordination efforts between enterprises and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for a better emergency response. Enterprise personnel can advise the PSAP of crucial information obtained from sensor data, such as the presence of smoke, abnormal temperature, etc., so first responders are better aware of the conditions that they can expect to encounter when they arrive.

These possibilities sound extremely exciting, but how can your enterprise make use of this sensor data today?

West’s Desk Alert solution, an optional component of Emergency Gateway (EGW), issues notifications whenever a 9-1-1 call is dialed. These notifications include the caller’s name, call back number, location information, and a URL which an enterprise can use to link to additional data such as a detailed floor plan, an internal Emergency dashboard, or IoT sensor data. This comprehensive notification system allows enterprises to harness the power of sensor data now, giving their personnel a broad overview of the emergency to better assess the situation.

Beyond the benefits of internal notification, the information provided by Desk Alert with IoT sensor data can be communicated by internal personnel to the PSAP using EGW’s three-way call monitoring feature. The PSAP can in turn let first responders know of the situation, such as the presence of a fire, chemical smoke, and the location’s temperature. Thus, first responders not only have the necessary information to deploy an adequate emergency response, they can also take precautionary measures to ensure their own safety.

Leveraging your IoT deployment to enhance your emergency solution isn’t just smart, you’re maximizing your enterprise’s investment. And when smart buildings and smart cities become the norm, you’ll be ready.

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