There is a common thread through every industry, through every business and every aspect of our lives—effective communication is the key to advancing the care of your customers. West partners with businesses and institutions to deliver a strategic combination of targeted, advanced solutions specific to your industry’s needs. We speak your language.

West has established unique industry expertise across several verticals and has continued to design, develop and deploy custom configurations of proven, technology-enabled communications platforms for industries ranging from healthcare to education to government agencies. We launch large-scale solutions and create measurable impact in some of the most challenging areas by collaborating with industry leaders and building focused centers-of-excellence.

West provides solutions that help our clients more effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with their audiences.

Cable & Satellite

Today’s communications subscribers receive an endless stream of marketing messages, product options and service combinations. Within this ever-changing and fiercely competitive market, communications providers must find unique and cost-effective ways to grow and maintain their customer base while driving in additional revenue opportunities.

That’s why our solutions are tailor made for today’s communications providers. Mobile, telephony, Internet, satellite or cable—West is able to cater to the needs of our clients as quickly as you need to respond to the needs of your own customers, throughout the entire lifecycle.

From supplemental support during anticipated increases in activity to new and better customer care technologies, we are able to adapt solutions to meet the very specific needs of your business.

Consumer Services

If home is where the heart is, your security, maintenance and other consumer services are destined to reach consumers where it matters most. A great customer experience, accentuated by reliable service and effective communication, is critical to keeping your workforce sane, customers satisfied, and business returning again and again.

Extra truck-rolls cost time and fuel in the field, not to mention the scheduling hassles for your representatives and customers alike.

The right blend of automation and personalized proactive communication can decrease inbound queries and concerns, and also prevent the need to chase customers down for things like payments. West can help you find that win-win.

Female hands resting on a notepad.

Schools want to keep parents informed. Parents want to be engaged.  The benefits of improved communication between the two are clear: when parents and schools are connected, students perform better, teachers feel supported and important safety procedures are strengthened. Through our notification services and custom mobile apps, we use the latest technology to greatly improve the lines of communication between parents and educators.

Counted on by thousands of K-12 districts, our SchoolMessenger notification solutions deliver important messages to parents and the community through a variety of channels, from email and text to social media. West SchoolMessenger allows you to personalize your own mobile app that can deliver alerts, school news, lunch menus and grade updates. Empowering you and parents leads to happier students and stronger communities, and we’re proud of our role in the education system.

Financial Services

It’s a numbers game. We count our successes by the number of customers acquired, the revenue they generate, the dollars we spent to acquire them and the cost of losing them. That’s why more companies in the credit card and financial services industries turn to West to win in the marketplace.

We understand how to deliver the advantages that add up to improved retention, increased acquisition and decreased cost of care – all with the attention to security that today’s market demands. As a result, you’re able to be more competitive in the offers you make, the markets you serve and the products and services you offer.

In addition, our understanding of your customers and ability to provide skillful communication enables us to more effectively contribute to your retention efforts – strengthening relationships and improving the value to the relationships you possess.

Automated technologies further your ability to successfully service and satisfy your customers. Voice self-service customer care solutions speed call resolution and even improve customer relations.  Even as competition increases and loyalty declines, West enables you to consistently drive results that directly impact the success of your programs and the strength of your customer relationships.


The healthcare landscape is always in a state of change, but one important factor remains constant—the need for personalized, professional, compassionate connections—between caretakers and patients, patients and claims representatives and beyond. We work with healthcare institutions, providers and networks to adopt technology that strengthens the patient relationship while creating valuable efficiencies.

From dedicated inbound customer care and acquisition to integrated voice self-service, West is uniquely qualified to create blended programs that address very specific programs and promotions—or to become an extension of your company through dedicated, ongoing support. So whether it’s answering claims status questions, responding to ID card requests or helping to determine member eligibility, West is a proven partner.

Industrial Goods / Manufacturing

As the world gets flatter and competition grows, industrial goods manufacturers need to work harder to drive awareness and stay top of mind at the distribution level. The key is aligning your resources and investments with strategies constructed to help you meet your goals—and finding a partner who can work with you to put it all in motion.

West has more than 20 years of experience delivering sales and marketing results to industrial goods and manufacturing markets. Our deep channel- and retailer-specific knowledge and expertise helps major brands make valuable inroads by providing unique, sustainable sales models supported by highly skilled specialized agents.

Through our Sales Optimization solution, we serve as a 100% client dedicated and transparent extension of our partner’s sales solutions and go-to-market strategies. Our experience and our sales-enablement technology allow our clients to take an enterprise-wide approach and place their consumers at the center; creating a platform to exceed revenue goals. From managing scale and complexity to effectively serving emerging and mature markets, West has a dedicated team waiting to deliver insight-based recommendations that grow categories and brands to improve your bottom line.


Today’s marketplace for property and casualty insurers is rife with challenges to profitability, unpredictable investment performance and global events that could create industry chaos without warning. In addition, customers demanding more attention and transparency, and they want insurers to communicate with them on their terms, using a variety of nontraditional channels—from mobile apps to social media.

West has been helping insurance companies implement customer contact solutions for more than two decades, and we’re constantly evolving our offerings to keep up with new challenges and changing customer demands.

We understand how to use technology to better serve policyholders. From rapid call resolution regarding specific claims, to overpayment identification and recovery, as well as ongoing customer care and customer loyalty – we’re able to generate greater results, often in less time. So, you’re able to make better use of every dollar you have to spend.

Public Safety

Public Safety Agencies often have small budgets and big responsibilities—to meet the needs of thousands, or even millions, of constituents in a timely, effective manner. West offers agencies of all sizes the resources needed to connect with the public in a wide variety of ways, from proactive initiatives to reactive responses.

We act as a single source for secure, compliant solutions that include self-service tools, alerts and notifications in the event of a disaster or other emergency, surveys, event services, conferencing solutions and advanced E911 solutions designed specifically for your public safety needs. We understand the magnitude of the decisions you have to make on a daily basis, and we’re equipped to help you reach the people who count on you most.

We can also help your agency by providing cost reductions via call automation and improved call handling processes, as well as secure facilities, networks and call delivery systems.


Fiercely defended, closely guarded and actively promoted—your brand is the symbol of your corporate culture, your connection with like-minded consumers and the unwavering voice representing your story in the marketplace. At West, we understand the value of the brand. What’s more, we know how to implement the programs that increase your share of mind and wallet, while reducing the cost of contact.

West’s advanced communications technology solutions are designed with the end user in mind, creating intelligent communications and market-driven sales. We arm you with the ability to increase the speed of information from one point of contact to the other – promoting efficiency, cost reduction and improving the lifetime value of your customers.

We deliver smart IVR self-service applications, as well as voice and SMS solutions that create a personalized buying experience, provide the features consumers want and convey the answers they need to make a purchasing decision. Capabilities include customer identification, order status and confirmation, sales and loyalty programs and personalized promotions. We’ll help you understand, respond readily and truly connect with the people who keep your business in business.


For technology companies, the key to staying competitive, connecting with employees and meeting customer demand all comes down to one principle: practice what you preach. Businesses in the software, telecom, cable and Internet industries have a responsibility to keep up with the latest communications technologies in order to deliver an experience that reflects their values. At West, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a trusted partner to technology companies across the U.S. and around the world.

We understand that technology is empowering your customers to communicate with enterprises in new ways, fundamentally changing the dynamic between buyers and sellers. We connect complex communication needs with high-capacity, reliable, secure hosted platforms. As a result, you can capitalize on digital convergence and streamline communication processes with tools that meet everyday needs.

Whether you are a mobile provider looking for a fully managed cloud approach to your contact center solutions, a software company looking to optimize sales or an organization that needs to broadcast live webinars to a global audience, we combine the right solutions for your company. Solutions that can evolve with the pace of your industry.

Telecom and Wireless

In an increasingly interconnected world, telecom and wireless companies are facing new competition and heightened expectations from customers, who want immediate, reliable access to next-generation, mobile-friendly content and services. In order to stay relevant, useful and in touch with your respective audiences, you need to rethink your customer relationships.

For nearly 3 decades, West has provided the communications industry with comprehensive technology solutions. From activations and new service requests to technical support and blended, multichannel contact routing, our tools and services give you the power to provide memorable, multi-channel customer service experiences. Our goal is to help you create meaningful connections, foster loyalty and establish your company as a leader in an ever-changing market.

West handles millions of customer interactions for the nation’s largest and most recognized media and communications providers every day. This in-depth industry expertise, combined with our advanced contact center technology, allows our customers to achieve a whole new level of success.


Getting it where it needs to go – without fail, without delay and without complication. There’s a lot riding on your ability to meet customer expectations. West won’t let you down.

Driven by our extensive experience working within the transportation industry, West has developed a portfolio of solutions that can help you automate customer care functions and maximize operations. Whether your customers are scheduling pickups, tracking shipments or obtaining rate quotes, our customized solutions offer 24/7 access to the information they need. Our range of services includes blended, multi-channel contact routing and smart IVR self-service applications that drive efficiencies and reduce costs. We can also help you evolve customer engagement through smartphone applications and social media monitoring.

Travel and Hospitality

After feeling a heavy impact from the recession, the travel industry is on the road to recovery and remains as competitive and dynamic as ever. Margins across much of the industry remain razor thin and fluctuating oil prices, uncertain tax environments and the pressure to “go green” make for a challenging and sometimes unpredictable operating environment.

Consumers’ tools of the trade in the search for travel bargains include Internet-driven mediums, such as social networks, consumer review sites and mobile devices. With increasing competition share of wallet, ongoing price pressures and fluctuating demand, success in this aggressive industry requires differentiation, and for leading providers, that differentiator is a superior customer experience.

We can help you secure share of mind and share of wallet, by giving you the tools you need to deliver an exceptional and proactive customer service experience. Our customer contact solutions include multi-channel applications that allow your customers to choose how they want you to contact them, as well as reliable scalability to address peaks in call volumes. Our IVR self-service applications help you streamline your offerings when it comes to reservations, upgrades and billing.  Through our voice and SMS solutions, you can keep your customers informed and engaged—no matter where they are.


One fact remains constant in the ever-changing business landscape of the utility industry: in order to succeed, companies must find cost-effective ways to communicate with their customers, generate greater revenue and drive higher satisfaction. West is proud to be at the center of many of these solutions.

West helps utilities quickly receive and send high volumes of information to the right people, at the right time, using the right technology. Companies count on us for a wide range of customer communication solutions, from high-volume call answering and proactive customer communications to call center mutual assistance routing systems. As a result, we’re able to provide our utilities clients with faster, more efficient communication, improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, fewer inbound calls and lower costs.  Not just Smart Grid, but smarter business.

Our communication solutions play a central role in hundreds of utilities organizations across the country, including 9 of the top 10 largest U.S. utilities and 17 of the top 20 largest U.S. Utilities.