The healthcare industry and the innovations that are shaping our well-being globally are evolving at an unprecedented rate. The walls of healthcare institutions are coming down and in their place we are building bridges—conduits of communication and technology that are connecting patients, providers and payers together in ways that are expanding the impact and effectiveness of the continuum of care. The path to an empowered patient is clearer than ever before. West combines technology-enabled communications with clinical resources to help your organization effectively activate and engage patients beyond the clinical setting, across the continuum of care. Connecting with patients in ways that are meaningful and relevant. We are committed to reducing cost, maximizing revenue and improving the quality of care by optimizing your patients’ experience.

Healthcare Audience

West offers an extensive range of communication solutions designed to help organizations within three key healthcare segments: providers, payers and pharmacies.

Engaging Today’s Healthcare Consumer Whether your organization is shifting to a value-based care model, joining an accountable care organization or you’re facing increased competition and need to ensure greater loyalty, enhancing the patient and member experience is essential to your success. At the same time, there’s intense pressure to cut healthcare costs, reduce errors, improve outcomes and increase efficiency. Learn More
Competing for Healthcare Consumers A dramatic uptick in regulatory control, increasing competition for healthcare consumers and the constant rise of healthcare costs—these are the challenges that have become a daily way of life for health insurers. Overcoming these trends and thriving in the new era of healthcare consumerism requires a major shift in thinking and a significant change in communications strategy. Learn More
Engaging the New Healthcare Consumer The Healthcare Reform has had an extensive impact across all segments of healthcare, including retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and specialty pharmacies. Challenges like proactive patient engagement, population health management and payment reform have created a new breed of healthcare consumers, while the emergence of non-traditional healthcare delivery models have brought additional opportunities for growth. Learn More

Healthcare Solutions

Health Advocate

The healthcare system is complex. Using a combination of hands-on help, data analytics and smart technology, we make it easier for people to get the help they need, when they need it, anytime, 24/7.

Chronic Care Management
Chronic Care

The continuous, long-term engagement and activation of growing patient populations with chronic conditions is becoming critical for organizations shifting to value-based care as they work to deliver Chronic Care Management effectively and with scalability.

Routine Care Management
Routine Care

Routine Care Management is essential and an important touchpoint with patients and members. It’s about keeping healthy people healthy, deepening patient and member relationships and for providers, proactively capturing revenue.

Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring
Telehealth & Remote
Patient Monitoring

When it comes to assessment, diagnosis, treatment, communication, education and healthcare monitoring, Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are driving significant advances with measurable outcomes while maintaining lower healthcare costs.

Clinically Managed Services
Clinically Managed

Quickly adding clinical staff with the right skills, at the right time to handle rising patient interaction can be difficult. We give healthcare organizations the flexibility and scalability necessary to handle more patients with fewer resources.

Financial Care Management
Financial Care Management

West offers tools, payment solutions and advocacy services designed to make paying a balance easier for patients and to help providers more effectively manage their payment systems. Creating faster processes and higher response rates.

Contact Center Modernization
Contact Center Modernization

The healthcare contact center is a critical hub for patient engagement. A “single front door,” efficient use of multi-channel, self-service and intelligent call routing capabilities are key to accelerating connections between patients, information and resources.

911 Solutions
9-1-1 Solutions

When someone dials 9-1-1, there’s no room for error. We help healthcare organizations identify and share critical data with public safety and internal responders for an efficient and effective emergency response.