Clinically Managed Services

Clinically Managed Services


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When it comes to chronic care and transition care management, delivering care coordination with scale and capacity can be a real challenge. Ensuring you have the right resources, with the right skill level, and at the right time to address your patients can be difficult. West’s Clinically Managed Services programs offer teams of registered nurses, as well as other clinical and non-clinical resources, who can augment existing care coordination, case management and transitional care programs. Clinically Managed Services introduces new reimbursement codes around Transitional Care Management (TCM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM), making the need to manage patients outside the clinical setting increasingly more important. For many providers, applying technology-enabled communications can provide enough of a boost to handle more patients effectively and with fewer resources. As the number and complexity of patients engaged in these programs continues to grow, healthcare organizations are looking to partners and considering turn-key solutions to bring scale, capacity and operational efficiency to care management programs, enabling them to maximize their participation in CMS reimbursements and deliver high quality care to more patients. West’s Clinically Managed Services can be that resource. West’s clinical staff includes certified clinicians and registered nurses who are trained to handle and resolve issues ranging from simple call triage to more complex care coordination interactions related to medications or adverse events. You can also leverage West’s clinical expertise to establish new chronic and transitional care programs where none exist, allowing you to scale up quickly and with confidence, driving additional revenue into the business.