Contact Center Modernization

Contact Center Modernization



As healthcare continues to evolve and the focus on population-based approaches intensifies, more and more care will be delivered outside of hospital walls and physicians’ offices. This, combined with the expanding number of empowered and accountable patients, is driving the need for modern, streamlined communication between patients, providers and care teams.

Contact centers have long facilitated patient access, but tend to be segmented and managed with a focus on staffing to ensure calls are answered and service levels are met. Patient access centers in the new era of value-based and population-focused care have emerged as important instruments of patient-centered experiences. These centers are operated and measured around patient-driven metrics and drive a competitive advantage for organizations seeking revenue growth and expanded market share. West’s patient-centered solutions help you modernize patient access centers, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenue and improve retention rates.

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Hosted Contact Center

Through the Engagement Center, West delivers cloud-based, flexible contact center solutions for dispersed locations, clinical resources and call center agents. Our market-tested solution provides a powerful infrastructure that removes scalability, transparency and performance limitations. The Engagement Center can be used to intelligently route calls, reduce hold times and provide levels of monitoring, recording and analysis unavailable in traditional systems.

West’s enterprise hosted contact center solution includes:

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Data pass to agent/clinician desktop (CTI)
  • Agent desktop application with phone control
  • Patient interaction database for personalization
  • Call recording
  • Workforce management/optimization integration
  • Agent performance management integration

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Single Front Door

A single “front door” provides your patients and members one number access, reducing your operational complexity and improving your caller experience. The West IVR solution combines advanced speech recognition with active decision-making to quickly determine the reason for the call, then immediately offer the most relevant self-service option or transfer the caller to the resource best equipped to handle their query. This approach minimizes patient, member and provider effort and ensures each caller gets his issues resolved quickly.

Integrated Inbound/Outbound Self Service

West’s high-performance self-service applications balance automation with the live agent experience, streamline patient access to information, reduce costs and improve access center service levels. Bi-directional awareness between the automated outbound notification and inbound communication platforms optimizes the patient experience while driving continuity and operational efficiency. Since the system is aware when calls placed to patients result in callbacks from the patients, calls are handled more efficiently and result in a better overall experience. Self-service applications can be delivered via voice, text or email to reflect patient preferences.

Applications include:

Appointment Management

  • Confirm
  • Cancel
  • Get directions
  • Prep instructions

Medication Management

  • Rx refill reminder
  • Rx renewal reminder
  • Rx adherence
  • Rx change survey

Biometric Telemonitoring

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Glucose
  • Weight

Routine Care Management

  • Screening reminders
  • Vaccination reminders
  • Wellness visit reminders

Financial Care Management

  • Balance notification
  • Automated payments
  • Future dated payments
  • Promise to pay

Eligibility and Claims

  • Plan coverage
  • Preauthorization
  • ID card replacement
  • Claims status


  • Physician locator
  • Pharmacy locator
  • Lab locator

Patient and Member Engagement Assessments

West offers patient and member engagement assessments, as well as assessments targeted to your patient access center to help you determine whether better patient, member and employee communication and engagement could help improve your financial and clinical outcomes. Understanding your goals, evaluating the readiness of your current communication infrastructure and benchmarking your current patient communication and engagement programs are critical. The end goal is executing effective strategies that deliver the business outcomes you need and your patients deserve.

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