What’s Your Contact Center Maturity Level?

What’s Your Contact Center Maturity Level?


RUN-WALK-CRAWL-chartWhether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to run, small changes can make a difference.

A modernized contact center optimizes the patient experience, scales with increasing call volume, and allows front desk staff to engage more proactively with patients.

The process to improvement can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know where to begin. This brief quiz can help guide you and give you a better idea of just how much room you have to grow.

Whether you’re still learning to crawl, walk, or run, there are a number of benefits you can reap — soon — by taking the next step in modernizing your contact center.

Find out your Contact Center Maturity Score. Review the statements below, and check the values that best represent your organization.

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Your health system has a reputation for innovation and thought leadership (both internally and externally).


Company leadership has solid initiatives focused on providing a “world class” access experience for your patients and providers.


The physicians and clinical staff are open to embracing technology to maximize operational efficiencies and effectiveness while still maintaining the human touch.


Your organization can effectively compete with the systems and processes currently in place as rivals move forward. The competitive risk and high opportunity cost of doing nothing is insignificant.



You are on a single EMR platform or have plans to move in that direction.


Your EMR platform is updated within at least one major release of the most recent version.


You are tracking and leveraging patient communication preferences in your EMR or other systems, and actually using them.


You use CRM/CXM software to track and monitor patient behavioral data (non-clinical patient interaction data).


You have allocated business analytics / business intelligence resources to provide actionable insights from the transactional and behavioral data you are capturing.



Your agents are on a centralized phone system to ensure calls are routed through a “single front door” regardless of the number they dial.


You have the ability to effectively, efficiently, and consistently route the patient or provider to the right agent for the right physician for the right reason at the right time.


You have visibility into all contact center activities, so you can effectively manage your center in real-time.


You have an effective and efficient way to manage your workforce.


Your agents have the ability to schedule for all physicians within a respective specialty (including Primary Care) or clinic, both hospital and ambulatory.


You have redundancy in your operations and/or the flexibility to allow your agents to work from home during a disaster situation or as a regular course of operations.



You have cleared the cultural and data accessibility hurdles.


You have an idea of where you want to implement scheduling templates (i.e. begin with affiliated PCPs only, or a single clinic or specialty only).


You are offering scheduling via your website or portal currently, and it has been successful.


When re-designing your website and/or launching a mobile application, you plan to offer self-service scheduling as a part of these launches.


Your patients may call a central number, but they are routed to the front desk of the hospital or doctor’s office to make an appointment. Assess the readiness of your organization to accept a change towards modernizing your system. One consideration that may spur internal support for action, is an evaluation of the competitive risk of doing nothing.

Once you have executive buy-in, evaluate the landscape of your patient data. The problem for many organizations is that different types of patient data are siloed into several different applications. Don’t despair if your data isn’t stored in a single warehouse, you can address the data fragmentation issue in tandem with the early stages of your modernization plan.

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Your patients likely call a centralized scheduling operation and are asked questions about their identity and reason for calling. Patients can confirm or cancel appointments using an automated system, but all other calls are forwarded to a care coordinator.

Consider centralizing scheduling operations to start. Centralized scheduling is a great way to standardize patient communication from the onset of their journey. Make sure the switch doesn’t feel impersonal and cumbersome to patients and providers by ensuring calls are routed to the right person at the right time.

Once scheduling operations are centralized, implement scheduling templates. Templates enable you to build upon a self-service oriented scheduling model.

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Your patient data is stored or is accessible within a single application, your patients’ calls are served end-to-end by a centralized scheduling operation, and your automated system can detect mobile callers and offer reminders and directions via text.

Now imagine a contact center that greets every patient or provider with a consistent, branded, intelligent, and personalized user experience regardless of the phone number they dial to reach your health system. This is the final step for many systems along the journey to a modernized contact center.

If you’ve reached this level of maturity, then your system may be ready to institute the “single patient front door.” This approach integrates EMR and other data to give patients personalized responses and proactive communications in the channels they prefer.

Want to learn more about how West can help support your efforts to modernize your contact center? Email us at healthcarepractice@west.com.