Financial Care Management

Financial Care Management



After medical care has been administered, working with patients and their families to handle the financial side of the care continuum can be a stressful and arduous process if the right financial care management solutions are not in place. West offers tools, payment solutions and advocacy services designed to make paying a balance easier for patients and to help providers more effectively manage their payment systems for a faster process and higher response rate.

Pricing Transparency

Most healthcare consumers are unaware that the cost of healthcare services can vary dramatically, even within the same geographic area and health plan. The lack of meaningful pricing and quality information can have a significant impact on outcomes and medical costs. Our Health Cost Estimator+ helps individuals become more engaged and effective healthcare consumers by identifying the highest-value providers and helping them understand the full costs of their care. This tool enables more informed choices, with proactive pricing estimates for doctors, hospitals and other facilities; comparison of costs and quality indicators for the most common medical procedures and services; and hospital quality scores and patient reviews.

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Our Health Advocacy program offers a comprehensive spectrum of programs that help individuals and their families with clinical and administrative issues involving their medical, hospital, dental, pharmacy and other healthcare needs. Our highly personalized assistance, which addresses a range of sometimes challenging and sensitive health issues, helps ensure that individuals receive the quality care—and the correct answers—they need, when they need it.

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Patient Balance Notifications

West delivers interactive notifications to patients during the early-out self-pay phase of the revenue cycle, giving members and patients a friendly reminder to pay their balances.

Features of the solution include:

  • Right party verification
    Achieve HIPAA compliance in your messages by including right party verification to ensure that the proper parties have been reached before delivering the contents.
  • Call throttling
    Offer your members and patients an opportunity to speak with your staff regarding any questions. You can spread notifications throughout the day to help manage incoming transfers to your call center. You’ll reduce hold times without overwhelming your staff.
  • Messaging best practices
    Increase your response rate up to 96% by optimizing your messaging for structure, content, tone, length, delivery times and notification volume.

IVR Bill Payment

Once members or patients are ready to pay their balance, West can automate the payment for real-time validation and transfer of funds to your facility. Or, you can choose to have payment data stored and retrieved at your convenience for manual entry.

Our solutions support multiple languages, full or partial payments and more. Our IVR options create convenient payments for your staff, members and patients.

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Online Bill Payment

West makes online bill pay simple and worry-free. With on-the-spot access to secure balance information, your members and patients have the ability to see their entire payment and account history through a secure password-protected environment. Online bill pay also allows you to enjoy more timely payments, reduce postage costs and spend less time reaching out to patients to remind them about past due balances. Patients are more likely to make timely payments if they have an online option. In fact, studies show patients enjoy the convenience of online bill pay for many different reasons: 62% like the easy access to their statements online, while 49% say the reduction in clutter paper waste makes them want to pay online.