A dramatic uptick in regulatory control, increasing competition for healthcare consumers and continually escalating healthcare costs—these challenges are very much a daily way of life for health insurers. Overcoming these trends require a major shift in thinking—and a significant change in communications strategy.

Effective communications and connections are the central tenet in achieving the goals of health insurers today. That’s why eight of the top 10 health plans rely on West Healthcare. We combine our deep healthcare experience and advanced technologies into innovative solutions to help you increase the accuracy of communications, drive member satisfaction and loyalty, improve outcomes and deliver greater efficiency.

Targeted Solutions for Healthcare Payers

Through proven population management techniques, West can augment your member acquisition, help you qualify the accuracy of each member’s disease burden, foster your adherence to evidence-based medicine protocols and help you achieve greater access and utilization of needed healthcare services. We do this by unifying our services, which include specialized agent services, intelligent call routing, automated communications, web communications, interactive text messaging and licensed agents, into a cohesive business solution that targets your specific needs.

  • Enrollment Services
    Ensure a consumer-friendly enrollment experience while managing your costs to drive member engagement and loyalty. Use cost-effective proactive notifications for enrollment marketing campaigns.
  • Education and Wellness
    Help your members make informed healthcare decisions and improve their overall health, while reducing their healthcare costs.
  • Health Risk Assessments
    Help prevent disease and improve your patients’ health, while helping members make effective use of healthcare services.
  • Engagement and Outreach
    Drive engagement with proactive, personalized communications that demonstrate you know and understand your members in order to increase satisfaction and build loyalty.