Healthcare reform has a far-reaching impact across all segments of healthcare, including retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and specialty pharmacies. Patient engagement, population health management and payment reform challenges abound while new state health insurance exchanges bring additional opportunities and threats.

Effective communications are critical to achieving the goals of pharmaceutical organizations today. That’s why leading pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical companies rely on West Healthcare. We combine our deep healthcare experience and advanced technologies into innovative solutions that increase the accuracy of your communications, reduce your costs, improve your outcomes and foster your adherence to evidence-based protocols.

West Healthcare Solutions for Pharmacies

Our long history of proven success in driving consumer satisfaction and loyalty across many industries gives us the insight companies in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry need to better engage today’s healthcare consumers. We do this by unifying our services, which include specialized agent services, intelligent call routing, IVR automation, web communication and interactive text messaging, into a cohesive business solution that targets your specific needs.

  • Adherence Monitoring
    Help your consumers adhere to prescribed medication regimens and position your company as a leader in chronic disease management. You can target high-risk patients as part of a tightly managed care plan using automated outreach to improve speed, frequency and reach.
  • Education and Wellness
    Help your consumers make informed healthcare decisions and improve their overall health. Being a proactive partner in patient wellness helps you build loyalty and attract new healthcare consumers through positive word-of-mouth.
  • Engagement and Outreach
    Drive engagement with proactive, personalized communications that demonstrate you know and understand your customers. Take advantage of customers’ preferred communication channels including SMS, web, voice, mobile and social media.
  • Medication Education
    Help your consumers learn about medications and the benefits these can provide using a virtual education center.