Whether your organization is changing its business model to be an accountable care organization, you’re looking to comply with ONC Meaningful Use Phase 2 or you’re facing increased competition and need to ensure patient loyalty, enhancing the patient experience is essential to your success. At the same time, there’s intense pressure to cut healthcare costs, reduce errors, improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

West Healthcare can help you overcome these challenges. Using proven population management techniques, we optimize patient and provider communications, reduce costs and maximize the value and effectiveness of every interaction.

Targeted Solutions for Healthcare Providers

We understand that to truly support modern healthcare in an accountable environment, all the participants in patient care must accurately, efficiently and effectively exchange information, preferences, goals and experiences. This happens under the umbrella of unified communications services which include: intelligent call routing, automated patient interactions, web communication, interactive text messaging and licensed care coordinators, into a cohesive business solution that targets your specific needs.

With West’s engagement center we can optimize patient and provider communications, reduce costs and maximize the value and effectiveness of every interaction.

  • Care Coordination
    Improve quality, patient safety and outcomes with efficient and effective coordination of care.
  • Post-discharge Interaction
    Reduce readmissions, improve patient outcomes and reduce your costs with proactive communications focused on post-discharge care coordination.
  • Engagement and Outreach
    Drive engagement with proactive, personalized communications that demonstrate you know and understand your patients.
  • Adherence Monitoring
    Help your patients adhere to prescribed medical regimens to improve outcomes while reducing costs.
  • Health Reminders
    Engage your patients and help them comply with annual visits or other preventative and wellness measures.
  • Education and Wellness
    Help your patients make informed healthcare decisions and improve their overall health.
  • Patient Feedback
    Measure your patients’ experience through inbound and outbound surveys in any channel and capture this feedback real-time through reporting dashboard tools.
  • Telehealth Services
    Connect conveniently with your patients in a secure manner using West’s Virtual Care Center.