Telehealth/Telemedicine Care Management

Telehealth/Telemedicine Care Management



When it comes to assessment, diagnosis, treatment, communication, education and monitoring, Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are driving significant advances in the provider’s ability to reduce cost and drive outcomes.

Expressed and delivered through the domains of synchronous, asynchronous, remote monitoring and mobile health communications, successful telehealth and telemedicine programs require complex communication infrastructure, technologies and integrations. West delivers both the supporting infrastructure, as well as complete solutions, to enable the delivery of your telemedicine and telehealth programs with scale and capacity.

Our technologies can be leveraged as the foundational infrastructure to support your physician network to deliver telehealth and telemedicine solutions to your patients. West also offers a complete solution that includes your physician network. Purposed alone or in combination, our platforms deliver solutions around your patient consultations via video conferencing, patient education, transmission of still images, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education, consumer-focused wireless applications and nursing call centers.

Experience Remote Patient Monitoring
Experience Automated, Proactive Patient Outreach

Virtual Engagement Center


West’s Virtual Engagement Center is an immersive portal where communication technologies such as video, chat and voice combine with digital media assets to create an enhanced user experience in a virtual environment.


West’s Virtual Engagement Center

Telemedicine Physician Solution

The Telemedicine Physician Solution includes a connection to a licensed physician network. This solution provides 24/7 access to a medical professional for consultation related to minor acute and common conditions, providing a low cost alternative that reduces reliance upon emergency departments and urgent care centers.

Our Virtual Engagement Center can be leveraged as a collaborative platform for provider-to-provider communications or as engagement tool to deliver telehealth and telemedicine in the domains of synchronous, asynchronous, remote monitoring and mobile health functionality.

Nurse Line

Nurse Line offers unlimited access to health advice and information—night or day. Our highly trained registered nurses use a state-of-the-art clinical information database, care guidelines protocols and compassionate communication skills to provide trusted advice. Individuals get sound healthcare recommendations and information when they need it most, plus expert help to resolve time consuming and frustrating healthcare issues. This promotes agile use of healthcare resources and benefits and avoids costly and unneeded ER visits.

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