Public Safety

Public Safety


Government and Public Safety entities often have small budgets and big responsibilities—to meet the needs of thousands, or even millions, of constituents in a timely, effective manner. West offers agencies of all sizes the resources needed to connect with the public in a wide variety of ways, from proactive initiatives to reactive responses.

We act as a single source for secure, compliant solutions that include self-service tools, alerts and notifications in the event of a disaster or other emergency, surveys, event services, conferencing solutions and advanced E911 solutions designed specifically for your government agency’s needs. We understand the magnitude of the decisions you have to make on a daily basis, and we’re equipped to help you reach the people who count on you most.

We can also help your agency by providing cost reductions via call automation and improved call handling processes, as well as secure facilities, networks and call delivery systems.

Public Safety Solutions

Call Handling
Call Handling

Our purpose-built solutions offer a fully-integrated suite of Call Handling equipment and services, spanning the entire workflow of public safety – from E9-1-1 emergency response and command and control to digital justice and corrections.

Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems

While Geographic Information System (GIS) data has played a role in legacy 9-1-1 environments, in Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) deployments, GIS takes center stage, delivering enhanced functionality that dramatically reduces response times.

Powerdata Services
PowerData Services

PowerData Services helps you manage the seemingly endless flood of information to get the right information to the right resource at the right time.

Thor Shield
Operational Continuity

What if disaster strikes and the situation is out of your control? Where do you turn when large-scale events consume all of your resources? Operational Continuity planning is the answer.