All Outage Call-Answering & IVR Self-Service

All Outage Call-Answering & IVR Self-Service

Create a Consistent Caller Experience
in Storms and Blue Skies


There is a direct correlation between customers’ sense of urgency and communication preferences. Because they often consider the phone to be the most direct route to answers in an emergency, you can’t bear to deliver a busy signal — even in high-traffic moments.

West’s High-Volume Call Answering (HVCA) system helps you to pick up every customer call during activity spikes by routing customers to a highly efficient interactive voice response (IVR) platform. The system identifies the customers and, supported by leading tools for database accuracy, enables painless authentication.

It collects and feeds pertinent information to your outage management system, and can provide estimated restoration times and verification confirmation options.

As the HVCA IVR handles all outage-related needs, your contact center lines stay open to support more complex calls that require agents’ attention.

Voice Self-Service

IVR also offers capacity to automate self-service well beyond outage reporting. Front-of-call IVR solutions support a consistent customer experience and improve day-to-day operational efficiencies — resolving customers’ common questions quickly and alleviating interruptions for your highly skilled agents.

  • Intuitive front-of-call IVR applications empower customers to easily:
  • Start, stop or transfer service
  • Upgrade services
  • Pay a bill
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Update personal preferences
  • Address other customer care concerns

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Mobile & Desktop Outage Reporting

If there’s an outage, customers don’t distinguish between voice, text or the Web; they just need confidence that you know there’s problem, are working on it, and will get things back to normal asap.

Web-based Mobile & Desktop Outage Reporting services give your customers the option to report outages from a desktop computer or smartphone application. You gain the same visibility as you would with a call into the IVR as customers interact with their technology of choice.

  • This solution enables you to:
  • Integrate seamlessly with IVR, CIS and OMS systems
  • Increase effectiveness of cross-channel communication, even during outages
  • Create a consistent, branded user experience online
  • Deploy quickly without stress on internal IT resources