Mutual Assistance Routing

Mutual Assistance Routing

Get the Back-up
You Need in an Outage


Extended outages can be a customer service nightmare. Callers need personal attention and your staff in the contact center and out in the field are stretched to the max.

Furthering our policy of relentless reliability, West’s Mutual Assistance Routing System (MARS®) enables you to offer the superior level of service your customers expect, even in emergencies, with the help of skilled agents around the country.

When circumstances arise, “requesting utilities” call upon “responding utilities” to answer customer calls that require agent attention. Responding utilities’ customer service representatives, who share industry expertise and experience handling outage emergencies, simply log into a Web interface to collect and view pertinent customer data and estimated restoration times.

MARS® automatically feeds information back to the outage and workforce management systems, just like the IVR does. This solution enables utilities to:

  • Provide a consistent level of customer care when callers need it most
  • Access (and offer) emergency support on short notice, while mitigating logistical challenges
  • Integrate easily with the IVR, CIS and OMS systems
  • Maximize the efficiency, knowledge and professional satisfaction of experienced customer service representatives