Proactive Notifications & Mobility

Proactive Notifications & Mobility

Communicate Critical Information
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When it comes to household essentials like utilities, communication is always personal. Inspired by daily experiences with high-touch, consumer-driven industries, customers expect you to interact with them often, in multiple ways and according to their individual preferences. Deregulation in some markets has further heightened the importance of customer satisfaction.

Intelligent proactive solutions facilitate communication of immediate and important information that your customers look for and expect. Provide updates at a moment’s notice, invite customer feedback, offer interactive payment and billing options, and enable multi-channel conversation. Having the ability to do this seamlessly in the right channels at the right times and in accordance with customer preferences, gives you the upper-hand in driving a great customer experience.

From disasters and emergencies, to survey and collections, West can help you proactively cover your customers. Adopting these cloud-based technologies and outreach strategies will improve your customer satisfaction and lower overall customer service costs by reducing inbound calls and impact on your contact center. And our compliance experts make it so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with ever-changing regulations.

Mass Multi-channel Notifications

Create and deliver scheduled or ad hoc campaigns to quickly and reliably communicate critical information to your customers.

West’s scalable notifications platform facilitates landline, mobile phone, email, SMS/text and social media notifications, supported by preference management and integrated regulation and compliance checks. It has a built-in opt-in/opt-out database that enables you to send thousands of messages within minutes, and track effectiveness and progress on customer issues with real-time reporting.

  • Severe weather updates
  • Geo-targeted alerts
  • Service interruption notifications

Cost-efficient integration and complex logic rules can process, retry and escalate messages as needed, with the flexibility your business demands.

Other outbound voice and SMS/text blasts to preempt the impact of inbound communications on your contact center might include:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Energy usage updates
  • Payment reminders and collections
  • Service or restoration confirmations
  • Requested call-backs

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SMS/Text Conversations

Customers expect you to acknowledge their replies to SMS notifications. Text back and keep the dialogue going.

West’s proactive notifications solutions and expertise in contemporary compliance regulations make it easy for you to interact with your customers where they are, in their channel-of-choice, with two-way automated or conversational SMS.

SMS Assistant enables real text conversations with skilled customer service representatives, similar to an online chat, without tying customers to a desktop computer. Using simple Web tool, agents can generate canned or free-form responses to provide optimal customer service to multiple customers at once and at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone-based support.

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Preference Management and Compliance

Conveniently give customers choice and control over how they receive outage alerts and other notifications, with the compliance security your business requires.

With West’s cloud-based Preference Management solutions, you will reliably store unlimited customer data, including contact channel and timing preferences for things like outage alerts, severe weather updates, billing reminders and curtailment requests. Without any impact on existing communication infrastructure, integration with existing databases and systems is simple and seamless.

West will go further to help you protect your brand and customer experience by integrating self-checking logic for cell phone scrubbing, automatic removal of DNC participants, as well as opt-in and opt-out support for all channels.

Online registration offers users a secure place to conveniently update personal information, add contacts, indicate notification choices, verify location and more.

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hosted customer records

Automated Survey

Gather customer feedback to understand more about your customers’ needs and the service they desire. It can be expensive to conduct surveys and assess results, but automated solutions make implementation simple and non-disruptive.

West’s outbound voice survey solution makes it easy for users to provide input with any touch-tone phone.  

  • Contact customers when it’s most convenient for them
  • Confirm service delivery, quality assurance and customer satisfaction
  • Conduct market research
  • Measure campaign success
  • Quickly get valuable input and drive results

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Interactive Billpay

The easier you make it for customers to pay their bills, the better cash flow results you’ll see. Interactive, automated payment solutions alleviate the burden and rising costs of collections later in the customer lifecycle, and increase customer satisfaction.

West’s proactive notifications platform empowers you to automatically send payment reminders in line with multi-channel preferences and past behaviors, and ensure receipt.

By enabling customers to confidently self-pay via IVR, by text or online, before routing to an agent, contact center representatives are freed to focus on complex and higher-value functions.

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savings on agent collection costs