Professional Services

Professional Services

Enhance Your Service and Understanding of Business Performance


Cloud-based solutions prevent data duplication and limit demands on human resources in your contact center, to keep customer engagement high and costs low.

Teamed up with experts in network management, database accuracy, compliance and business intelligence, you’ll have the means to develop technical capabilities and refine communication strategies over time.

  • Support new and existing technology and infrastructure
  • Cut customer service costs and improve cash flow
  • Increase customer engagement, reduce frustration and improve regulatory relationships
  • Strengthen workforce productivity, satisfaction and retention

Database Accuracy

Ongoing maintenance of user data is a tremendous task, yet essential to effective inbound and outbound customer communication in emergencies or on a day-to-day basis.

West’s professional database accuracy solutions help you ensure that customer data is accurate, precise and consistent across all of your communication systems, saving valuable time.

A comprehensive nationwide phone directory directly accesses data from more than 700 telecommunications companies across the country to make daily updates. Each address is coded and USPS-standardized, duplicates are scrubbed, and information is aligned with and augmented by your internal customer information systems.

Database management tools integrate with your IVR and proactive communications platforms to enable customer authentication, preference management and visibility across the company.


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Business Intelligence

Monitoring, evaluating and acting on real-time and historical data to improve internal operations and your customer experience can be daunting without the right expertise.

West’s business intelligence team offers a deep dive into understanding how your customers drive your business performance, allowing you to:

  • Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Identify trends in customer behavior and feedback with salient knowledge and actionable insights
  • Continuously optimize customer satisfaction and performance by channel or campaign
  • Integrate predictive analytics based on customer behavior and action

A diverse team of industry experts, with advanced degrees in applied mathematics, engineering and computer science, is here to maximize your business performance with achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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