AVOKE Analytics

AVOKE Analytics

End-to-end Customer Experience Optimization, from Dial to Hang Up

AVOKE is the only customer experience optimization solution that monitors the full breadth of your customers’ interactions from the moment customers dial until hang up, connecting voice with chat and text interactions for analysis and optimization.

AVOKE’s end-to-end analysis reveals significant opportunities to see your customers’ perspective, optimize delivery, reduce customer effort, boost satisfaction and raise agent performance. And as a cloud-based solution, AVOKE eliminates on-premise hardware, software and IT integration.


30M+ Customer Interactions Analyzed

500M+ Call Minutes Analyzed

$200M Cost Savings from AVOKE Recommendations


When you want to know why people are calling and whether callers were satisfied, AVOKE delivers data you can trust to help you:

Build an in-depth understanding of your callers and discover new opportunities with the solution trusted by more than 30 companies in a range of industries, each handling one million to 50+ million calls per year. Choose AVOKE and create the best experience for your customers.

IVR Optimization

Reduce customer effort and make your self-service IVR solution more effective with improved identification and containment strategies.

AVOKE Call Browser

With no IT requirements, the AVOKE Call Browser gives you on-demand access to your analytics data to make customer experience optimizations at any time.

West Customer Effort Index

Go beyond CSAT and NPS with the West Customer Effort Index, which compares your customer effort ratings with your competitors and industry average.

How It Works

AVOKE is easy to set up and easy to use. Customers dial in, and you see the entire interaction from start to finish with key points highlighted for your review. That’s it.

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