AVOKE Call Browser

AVOKE Call Browser

On-Demand Access to Your Analytics

The AVOKE Call Browser is an on-demand analytics solution that records calls in the telecom network and analyzes them in a hosted web application. Patented West technology creates metadata from the audio, eliminating the need to ingest recordings or logs from other systems. With no IT requirements and a subscription service model, you have choices and flexibility. Use West for a few months for your strategic plan or a specific project, or use it continuously to drive process improvement, customer experience and business intelligence initiatives.

    • See your entire service delivery process, including agents, IVR, transfers and partners
    • No recordings or logs to ingest, no software, no IT requirements
    • Speaker-separated speech analytics to find any call topic
    • IVR analytics to optimize call containment
    • Real-time reporting, updated after each call


reduced agent

handling time

Real-Time Dashboards

The AVOKE Call Browser provides intuitive and flexible dashboards that update in real time, enabling teams to spot changes quickly and respond proactively. Easily create, organize and share public and private dashboards, and drill down into actual calls, greatly accelerating the process of interpreting data and determining root cause.

Dashboards give every team their own data and a transparent view of the entire service delivery process. Everyone can manage their performance and see their impact on other teams and the customer experience, which encourages collaboration to streamline business processes based on the same underlying data.

Analysis Workbench

AVOKE analysis provides a simple and productive user environment to explore data and discover new relationships and patterns. Call data, IVR data, speech data, automated categories, and ad hoc word and phrase search are easily selected to define new data views.

Simple drop-downs provide customizable data visualization options. This user-driven and real-time reporting accelerates time to-insight, which gives analysts the power to get results quickly and the ability to slice and dice the data effortlessly.

Drill Into the Data

To get the story behind the data, the AVOKE Call Browser enables users to drill from any report directly to actual calls. The ability to directly and immediately observe customer behavior replaces guesswork with voice-of-the-customer evidence to quickly translate new insights into precisely targeted actions.

The AVOKE Call Browser’s unique ability to capture and play back the entire call gives you root cause understanding without having to extract data from each system that touched the call. Listening to the customer’s experience – IVR navigation, comments in queue and interactions with agents – gives you the complete context of the call.

No Software, No Integration

The AVOKE Call Browser system is hosted in the cloud, giving you secure and easy access to your analytics data. All you need is a Web browser to access the system and a routing plan to send calls through the West system on their way to your contact center. No software or IT requirements to start optimizing your customer experience.