How AVOKE Works

How AVOKE Works

Easy to Get Started, Easy to Use

AVOKE doesn’t require any extra work from you or your customers. As a cloud-based service, it’s easy to get the analytics solution up and running so it can evaluate your customer interactions as they exist today. AVOKE begins analyzing the customer experience at the moment a caller dials the phone.


Step 1

The customer initiates the conversation.

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Step 2

Interactions are recorded, transcribed and classified in the cloud.

Step 3

Engagement with a virtual assistant and/or a contact center agent occurs as normal. Zero IT integration required.

Patented technology extracts metadata from the interaction, eliminating the need to ingest call recordings, logs or transactions from other systems. AVOKE then displays the entire call as a sound wave with key points highlighted for easy viewing, including time in IVR, time in queue and transfers to an agent.


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reduction in transfers

identified as unnecessary

AVOKE helps identify problems our clients never knew existed. Analytics focused on customer experience optimization can uncover a suite of potential issues and opportunities in all of the following categories:

Failure to Connect

Deadend with Error

Deadend without Error

Center Closed

Self-Service Abandon

Multiple Re-prompts

Self-Service Failure

Unsolicited Opt-Out

Long Virtual Assistance Time

Repeat Contact




Long Wait in Queue

Queue Abandon

Long Call

Multiple Transfers

Agent Asks for ID Again

Multichannel Inconsistency

Competitor Mention

Upset Customer

Cancel Service