IVR Optimization

IVR Optimization

Make Self-Service Work for Your Business

An IVR is still the self-service solution of choice for countless businesses and their customers. However, your IVR can also make it easier for you to do business. With IVR optimization, you can even out spikes in call volume, lower abandonment rates, cut your costs per call and reduce customer effort. AVOKE helps optimize IVRs of all sizes to achieve each of these outcomes through a few key initiatives.


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Maximize Identification Rates

By verifying screen pops instead of attempting a full ID, agents can save about 30 seconds of agent handle time. By isolating and examining ID success rates in the IVR, companies can easily identify a 5 to 6 percent reduction in contact center costs just by improving the identification and verification (ID&V) process.

AVOKE measures what percentage of all calls are prompted to identify and what percentage of those prompted actually succeed. With these metrics, AVOKE helps businesses discover ways to improve and accelerate their ID&V process to make customer calls more efficient.

Increase Self-Service with IVR Automation

Increasing automation is the primary focus of most IVR initiatives. Analyzing how callers spend time with agents reveals those repetitive activities that are a good fit for IVR automation. The list of activities can be further directed to the most appropriate input method, including touch tone, directed dialog and natural language.

AVOKE’s cradle-to-grave view measures time spent by callers and agents on things like identification, opt-outs, misroutes or in an unnecessary call. Those insights highlight potential areas for restructuring, which helped one AVOKE client achieve a 14 percent increase in IVR containment.

Improve Customer Experience

An IVR should improve your customers’ experience. Find ways to speed up the interaction by avoiding wordiness. Look for opt-outs and misroutes that waste agent time. Compare IVR versus agent success for similar interactions. And reduce error-handling in the IVR. All these initiatives help reveal the best communication channel for various situations.

And if need be, let customers avoid the IVR altogether. AVOKE helps you understand your customers’ true reason for calling, which can reduce repeat calls and reveal scenarios that can be handled with proactive communication. With AVOKE, your IVR design can go beyond what’s best for the average caller and start delivering higher performance for your specific customers.

Reduce Call Volume

Benchmark data has shown that IVR optimization is the single largest improvement opportunity in most large contact centers. IVR problems like failed self-service and misrouted calls generate unnecessary agent volume, so instead of deflecting calls, an ineffective IVR may cause more work for agents. West data has shown that up to 6 percent of agent volume can be eliminated by fixing IVR problems.

AVOKE connects IVR and agent analytics data and uses searchable audio to let you discover the root cause of problems, like incorrect transfers. One AVOKE customer found 7 percent of total call volume was caused by incorrect transfers. Replaying IVR sessions following an agent interaction reveals exactly what the IVR should have done for the caller. Whole call analytics provides an uninterrupted view of the call, which is the key to maximizing IVR value.