West Customer Effort Index

West Customer Effort Index

The Benchmark Score You’ve Waited For

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) or other Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) feedback systems all emphasize the importance of serving customers well, but they also introduce new challenges from difficulty identifying why scores change to declining response rates and survey bias.

The West Customer Effort Index automatically scores calls for customer effort and provides benchmarks versus other companies and industries. It delivers voice-of-the-customer business intelligence, works with all existing call center platforms, includes the customer’s entire experience (internal center, IVR, all transfers and outsource partners) and does not require any new technology or network access.

    • Automated Customer Effort Call Scoring
    • Benchmark Versus Other Companies & Industries
    • Increase Loyalty By Reducing Effort
    • Improve CSAT and NPS Survey Scores
    • Realize Operational Savings


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Customer Effort Measurement

Research by the Customer Contact Council has shown that Customer Effort is a better predictor of customer retention and repurchase than Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score. Customer effort is cumulative – it adds up as customers move through their interactions with your company.

For example, customers expect to provide their identification information, but they dislike providing it more than once. So to understand customer effort, you must follow the full experience from dial to hang-up, including IVR, transfers and partner sites.

West's Metrics

Without surveys, the West Customer Effort Index makes 22 automated measurements of excess effort in all channels. The metrics cover everything that impacts customer effort, such as having to provide the same piece of information repeatedly, waiting in queue, or being put on hold and transferred.

An aggregate index score is computed from the detailed metrics. Higher scores mean that your customers find it difficult to get things done compared to other companies. Lower scores mean that you are easy to work with.

With West Customer Effort Index measurements linked to end-to-end call recordings, you’ll discover actions to reduce service delivery costs, improve CSAT and NPS scores, and improve customer retention and repurchase rates.

How Does it Work?

The West Customer Effort Index provides a complete picture of customer effort in your voice channels. By analyzing calls in the telecom network, it transparently follows customers from dial to hang up. Patented software automatically finds and measures high effort moments in each call. Customer effort metrics are provided in a secure web portal.

The West Customer Effort Index is offered as part of an annual subscription service. The service includes use of the cloud-based AVOKE Call Browser system to measure effort without any IT requirements. Optional services are available to customize metrics and weightings to fit your business, and expert assistance from West consultants help you interpret the data, take action and compare your scores to other companies.

Business Benefits

Your index score and detailed metrics are trended over time and quarterly benchmark reports compare your scores against other companies and industries. Trending shows how changes in your business and in your service delivery operations have impacted customer effort, and benchmarking reveals where you should invest to reduce customer effort.

Reducing customer effort results in lower service delivery costs and higher customer retention and repurchase rates. Lower effort also improves customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and likelihood-to-recommend scores like Net Promoter Score (NPS).