Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center

Improve Customer Experience With a Streamlined Contact Center

Customer experience matters to your company’s bottom line, and your contact center plays an important role. To win their hearts, minds, repeat business and referrals, every interaction your agents have with consumers needs to be straightforward. Simple. Helpful.

The challenge is making the multi-channel interactions of today’s contact center – from voice to email to text messaging – more meaningful, while also ensuring absolute security. Cloud Contact Center can help. This multi-channel platform, available with managed services, is designed to boost agent productivity, increase connection rates and build customer relationships. It does that by:

West has been a leader in voice technology for nearly 30 years and also ran a well-oiled contact center business for much of that time. We recognize the challenges you face and have spent decades refining solutions. We’ve helped countless contact centers implement and manage the technologies needed to address their unique challenges.

Our cloud contact center solution can help your company improve customer satisfaction by handling volume, breaking down silos and promoting agent engagement all while ensuring transactional security and reducing operational costs. We’ll help you modernize the customer experience today and provide the guidance you need to keep up tomorrow.

Get in touch or see below to learn how West’s Cloud Contact Center can help improve your contact hub, customer experience and your business.

Multi-channel Integration and Routing

Easily coordinate agents in multiple call centers and even those working from home to make the most of their time, boosting efficiency and cost savings. You can also manage new and existing communication channels to route conversations to skilled representatives anywhere in the world, with the context and customer information they need to provide standout customer care.

Secure Transactions

Your brand can’t afford a data breach, but you also can’t afford to neglect customers by excluding sensitive data from your customer service systems. West Secure is the first and only solution in the U.S. to descope your data center and provide a seamless, absolutely secure experience for your customers.

Agent Performance Optimization

Front-of-call automation, an agent management portal, desktop integration and information security helps agents be more flexible on the job, which increases satisfaction. Plus, cloud-based solutions reduce telecom and infrastructure expenses and ensure that your business is poised for rapid growth without geographic, scale or volume limitations.