Contact Center Optimization

Contact Center Optimization

Optimize Performance and Workforce Management

Customer service representatives keep the wheels turning for your brand and customers’ experience with it. Making the most of their time, energy and resources to improve productivity and customer satisfaction is one of your biggest keys to profitability.

West’s cloud-based solution provides an intuitive 360-degree view into contact center administration, monitoring and reporting. Partner with us to implement leading communication technologies, integrate them with existing processes, develop strategies for customer engagement and workforce management, and continually optimize results with technical advancements and business intelligence. It’s one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

Performance and workforce management features include:

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Agent Management, Recording and Desktop Support

Manage customer service representatives and help them manage themselves. By streamlining multi-channel integration, enterprise routing and complete visibility, you may be able to consolidate contact centers and improve the quality of interaction with your customers.

A secure agent management portal can be customized with capabilities and criteria most pertinent to your business, including contact threshold, customer information or agent skills. Monitor and act on call flows in real time, or evaluate historical reports to optimize future operations. All calls are recorded and accessible as needed.

Agent desktop support tools offer visibility into one’s own session stats and pertinent caller context and information, provided via a CRM database, preference management solution, IVR, prior multi-channel conversations or third-party applications. And because we understand the value in a true partnership, West will also provide agent training as needed.

Mobile Workforce Communication and Field Management

Cloud-based solutions improve communication with employees in the field as well. Monitor and improve agent activity and share multi-channel updates, ranging from weather alerts to customer appointment scheduling changes, in real-time.

Customer Journey Assessment and Contact Strategy

Integrating the right channels and the ability to route customers to the right place the first time relies on a solid understanding of human behavior and your customers’ unique needs. West’s professional customer journey analysts and communication strategists can work with you to refine call flows, maximize automation and increase efficiency of your contact center — resulting in gains in productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Leverage real-time and historical data to maximize operational productivity and improve your customer experience. The cloud contact center agent management portal enables you to pull reports on agent activity, customer task resolution and contact center performance … But what do you do with that data?

West’s experts in business intelligence and data analysis can help you assess market trends, interpret voice of the customer feedback, uncover patterns in your data, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in your contact center and across all channels.

Outbound Dialing Modes

Help outbound agents make the most of their time. Predictive dialing reduces downtime by predicting that a portion of dialed calls will go unanswered. When you have the right number of calls going out, agents will spend less time waiting for a connection.

Preview dialing gives agents insights into complex calls before they reach a customer, so they’re ready to help when they get in touch with them.

Progressive dialing presents customer details in an agent screen-pop and then dials — the live call is only presented when the customer answers. This leads to a slower pace compared to predictive dialing, but it increases customer satisfaction since there are no abandoned calls.