Multi-channel Integration & Routing

Multi-channel Integration & Routing

Orchestrate a Frictionless Customer Experience

Today’s contact hubs aren’t limited to one brick-and-mortar call center. You might manage a mix of agents who work out of their homes, across the country or halfway around the world. And customers expect flexibility in how they can get ahold of your representatives, which adds to the complexity. You need to offer the channels customers want and then leverage them to provide speed, ease and personalization.

Backed by decades of experience in the contact center industry, West intimately understands the challenges of today’s centers and has proven solutions to address them. This easy-to-deploy cloud-based model is simple to manage at any scale, and it can integrate with your existing communication infrastructure, evolving with you as you consolidate contact centers and add channels. That means even when things get more complex, you’ll still be able to provide great customer service.


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Queue Management

Make the most of the resources you have available with intelligent queuing. Cloud Contact Center offers a centralized multi-channel call queuing solution for the enterprise network, and queue-to-verify functionality enables agents to transfer their current call, along with the screen pop, to a list of inbound agents.

Call Blending

Combine inbound service with outbound customer care in a multi-channel contact center, so agents can make the most of their time. During quiet times, agents can take part in outbound campaigns, effectively eliminating idle time.

CRM Integration

Cloud Contact Center is built to work with third-party CRM software, so all staff can effectively work in step with your existing business tools instead of complicating them.

Agent Desktop Integration

Arm agents in any location with the information they need to quickly help customers by providing a common interface for all types of interactions. Improve visibility, reduce customer effort and shorten call duration by empowering agents to answer questions more efficiently, without duplicating requests for information or verification.

Agent desktop tools support soft-phone functionality, including holds, transfers and conferencing, as well as computer-telephone integration capability. Custom screen-pops, disposition codes, CRM databases, and other client or third-party applications are also supported.

Predictive Intent and Skills-based Routing

Direct incoming calls, outgoing calls and other channels, including SMS/text, web chat and email to appropriate agents by any number of criteria you select: primary or secondary skill, agent rating, skill rating, geographic origin, IVR menu selections or customer ID.

If a customer needs to speak with an agent, make sure it’s the right agent who is aware of the context before even picking up the phone. You’ll improve first-contact resolution, decrease handling times and instantly improve customer satisfaction.

Customer-Friendly Channel Integration

Provide the contact methods your customers prefer and effectively coordinate them and eliminate data silos for a seamless customer experience. For example, when customers opt to use chat, Cloud Contact Center lets you direct to queue based on keywords, and agents can look up and embed customer details directly from CRM.

High-Volume Call Answering and Mutual Assistance Routing

In an outage or emergency, utility companies are pummeled with customer calls that must be handled quickly, consistently and effectively. They have long relied on West’s High-Volume Call Answering (HVCA) and Mutual Assistance Routing Systems (MARS®) to reliably manage the customer experience. More than 70 percent of homes in the U.S. are supported by our solutions.