Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

Ensure Customer Information Security and Compliance

Despite compliance and ever-growing layers of security, 97 percent of U.S. companies will suffer a data breach. You don’t want to be one of them.

West Secure powered by Eckoh is the first and only voice solution in the U.S. to protect your customers, reputation and user experience by eliminating all sensitive numeric data from your environment, including databases, networks, call recordings and contact centers.

When customers provide their credit card or other sensitive numeric information over the phone, agents can typically see or hear that information or otherwise have to disrupt the call recording to discreetly obtain it. The corresponding fraud risk within and outside the contact center is too close for comfort. But with West Secure, you can safely gather credit card details, bank routing numbers, Social Security numbers, private health information and other sensitive data.

Going beyond compliance makes all the difference for your brand’s security and customers’ peace of mind. Here’s how we can help:

9 in 10

U.S. consumers have made a payment transaction by phone

Uninterrupted Customer Interaction

Keep the customer on the line at all times. Allow your callers to interact with both the IVR and live agents without interrupting the call recording or compromising numerical information. Create a consistent customer experience, increase agents’ ability to safely help with secure transactions and decrease overall call duration.

How does it work?
Customers enter their personal information using their telephone keypads. Audio tones and on-screen data are masked so that agents can neither see nor hear the information, without having to either transfer customers to an automated voice system or pause and resume the call recording.

Brand Protection and Cost Savings

West Secure is akin to brand insurance. The financial risk associated with customer data goes beyond operational compliance. There are a host of other costs, including potential legal fees and the incalculable risk to brand reputation in case of a data breach.

West Secure lets you eliminate the costs of future regulatory measures and distinguish your brand in a crowded, competitive market.

Deployment Options

Several deployment options can help you mitigate fraud risk from within and outside the contact center by removing sensitive numeric data from calls and recordings, while saving money on complex data storage, maintenance and compliance.

West Secure powered by Eckoh offers on-site, hosted, mid-call and audio tokenization options to address your organization’s data security needs: CallGuard and DataGuard (Audio Tokenization).