IVR Calculator: What’s the Real ROI?

IVR Calculator: What’s the Real ROI?

This IVR calculator will show you the cost-analysis benefits of adding a more sophisticated voice solution to your contact center environment. This result is based on existing dollar figures only and does not account for the improved customer experience an IVR creates. As part of a larger customer experience ecosystem, an intelligent IVR can also lead to increased consumer spend and raise gross revenue.

This tool is designed to help estimate how much you could save using a West IVR. Actual figures may vary based on your industry or business practices, and results on this page do not constitute an official agreement or offer.

While this IVR calculator provides an accurate first-glance estimation, a West IVR is often more valuable than this dollar figure since we tailor our solution to meet your specific needs, instead of simply pushing an out-of-the-box offer. Our managed service approach to unifying your communication ecosystem means you can improve customer experience across all channels, not just in the IVR.

West charges pennies per call handled by one of our hosted IVR solutions, and we have full teams dedicated to making sure our solutions are operating as effectively as possible. With so much return for such little cost, you can see the benefits of a West IVR from day one. Call or text an IVR expert at 800.841.9000 and discuss options for improving your IVR solution today.