Speech Services

Speech Services

Advanced Speech Recognition

Your callers are only human. Roughly 3/4 report that interacting with a more natural automated system would significantly improve their experience — not to mention, cut down on the need for expensive live-agent calls.

By powering multi-lingual speech-enabled IVR with support from West’s in-house speech scientists and human factors analysts, you can help users intuitively resolve even the most complex issues with less effort.

3 in 4

customers value a conversational IVR

Natural Language

Empower your customers to speak naturally, by applying advanced speech grammars that comprehend phrasing and predict user-intent. Helping users navigate the IVR with less dependence on menus helps them feel connected to your brand and lessens frustration as they complete tasks more quickly. Support conversational inbound IVR and outbound voice communications.

Directed Dialog

Go beyond Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) IVR by giving callers the option to say choice phrases instead of keying them. Enhance prompts for menu selection or data entry using our automated speech recognition (ASR) engine or third-party ASR apps.


Convert written content to the audible voice your customers recognize and provide them with immediate answers.

International Support

Speak all of the world’s major languages, engaging international customers with a consistent IVR experience and achieve your global business objectives.

Voice Recording

Give your brand a perfect, consistent voice with voice talent selection and an in-house recording studio that’s technically equipped to record anything from conversational prompts to your next rock album.

Analytics and Tuning

Refine prompts, call flows and multi-lingual ASR on an ongoing basis, supported by West’s award-winning voice-interface designers and speech grammar development team.