Strategy & Development

Strategy & Development

Guiding A Better
Caller Experience

A cloud-based IVR solution makes continuous improvements feasible and affordable; experienced consultants, developers and analysts make them profitable.

As a consultative partner, West’s team of experts is committed to achieving your business goals with IVR and other communication solutions that integrate with the voice platform.


of caller satisfaction
is rooted in the IVR

Customer Journey Mapping & Routing Strategies

Get your callers to the right places, as quickly as possible. Assess the current customer experience and contact center processes to identify areas for improvement. Evaluate human behavior and conversation patterns to optimize routing strategies, edit call-flows, and coordinate complex integration of new and existing multi-channel infrastructure.

Application Development, Testing and Lifecycle Management

Deploy custom applications with support from expert developers. Test and debug applications in a controlled environment. Ensure healthy lifecycles and confident version control.

Data Services

Identify customers more quickly to reduce call length and repetitive entry of information. Though automation may seem contrary to personalization, data-driven IVR can provide the context to make it feel like a human being has been there all along.

Multi-modal Capability

Walk callers through a hands-on self-service experience with a visual IVR solution that seamlessly integrates voice technology and mobile user-interfaces.

Survey & Feedback

Learn from your customers by integrating automated feedback applications.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track real-time and historical data, including the number of IVR calls, average duration, containment, transfer rates, abandon rates and more, on an hourly, daily or selected basis. Get easy access to results through a customized customer experience portal.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Evaluate market trends and customer tendencies to challenge the status quo, predict intent and continually improve communication efficiency and ROI.