Visual Voice

Blend IVR, SMS and Mobile Web to Empower Customers to Accomplish More

Research shows that humans process visual data better than any other form of information. A more interactive approach to traditional IVR, Visual Voice enhances customers’ overall self-service experience by allowing customers’ to use their mobile devices to read text messages, type responses and navigate intuitive visuals while still in the IVR. Deliver a differentiated experience by implementing audio-visual integration and unlock your true potential to meet the rising demand for self-service.


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Features include:

Provide customers with mobile content for easier self-service via their smartphone, including interactive forms and text messages. Eliminate customer need to transfer, disconnect or speak to live representatives.

Blend voice instructions with the ability to navigate mobile web visuals, without the hassle of downloading a mobile application.

Easily collect customer preferences in the voice channel and enable more efficient opt-in compliance.

Empower your customers to hear and see during their customer experience, improve comprehension as a result, and decrease their need to transfer to an agent.

Offer a high-touch, personalized customer experience that blends IVR, SMS and mobile web to enhance self-service interactions, while delivering a unique CX that sets you apart from competitors.

Watch the video below to see Visual Voice in action, and schedule a 1-on-1 demo with a West specialist.