Campaign Administration

Campaign Administration

Manage Outbound Campaigns with Confidence and Cross-Channel Visibility

Take proactive customer interaction into your own hands. West’s campaign administration tools empower you to rapidly deploy appointment reminders, coupons, order confirmations, payment requests, shipping notifications, welcome messages, emergency alerts, travel updates and more.

From an integrated, cloud-based environment, you’ll be able to define business rules and deliver thousands of outbound notifications within minutes.


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Contact Strategies and Campaign Monitoring

Set business rules and develop contact strategies to maximize engagement. Manually specify a custom rate of calling, or let the intelligent system do so for you.

Configure call-throttling, contact order for multiple contacts and retry strategies to ensure the success of each campaign.

Campaign Creation

Create outbound voice and SMS messages, or modify existing campaigns. Customize notifications based on the type, urgency or target. Deploy them instantly or at a scheduled time.

Intuitive Dashboard

A user-friendly, web-based tool enables you to manage and deploy outbound notifications across multiple channels. This offers enterprise-wide visibility to any administrator.

It’s from this centralized dashboard that you may view and download real-time dispositions and historical reports to track campaign performance.

Data Integration and Cleansing

Use pre-processing filters that integrate with your other databases to target specific customers with each campaign.

A built-in opt-in/opt-out database supports voice, SMS and email solutions. Client, state and federal Do Not Call list scrubbing and maintenance, as well as cell phone scrubbing, are supported.


Easily access cradle-to-grave reports for each campaign and use data to optimize contact strategies with each audience.